some girls chase boys. i pass ’em.

What’s the title have to do with this post? Well some of you may remember that I got a running singlet with that saying on it at the Cherry Blossom Expo. And I wore it on my run this past Sunday, and the barista at Starbucks where I stopped after the run asked if that was true. Thinking back to my race the day before, I said “yes!” But let me back up a little bit here…

So I ran a 10K outside of Central Park this past weekend. I was pretty UTR about it, since last time I talked up a race, I wound up running not as well as I would have liked. So I kinda kept quiet about this one…

Well the day of, I awoke early to torrential pouring rain…and prayed that it would stop soon. I didn’t care if it were still raining while I was in transit, just not during the race itself 🙂 Luckily, it did stop by the time I left, but it was so damn humid. Thank god it was somewhat cool out though!! Me and JS took the subway down from the UWS to the Path train to get to Jersey City…and oh boy was that an adventure!! First off, the Path is so damn confusing in the off-hours! There will be a train heading towards NJ on the “uptown to 33rd st” track…I think you know where this was going. Quite a few, including yours truly was fooled!! But that’s ok, there was plenty of time. Oh but wait a minute!! Once the warming up!train got to Hoboken (read: only one stop away, less than 5 minutes from our destination), there was announcements that the train would be delayed. After a few minutes of fretting, it was time to find a Plan B…run and use as our warmup? Cab it? In the end, we cabbed it-the $$ spent was worth it to not be sitting on the train, checking our watches and stressing. And as it turned out…even though we got there with less than our desired hour to spare, we still had enough time to get our bibs, chips and techy shirts(!), make some final pre-race preparations, and get in a little warmup before lining up.

Saw Flyers PN and CN at the start (who just ran a marathon the previous weekend or something?) and lined up near them, a fair few rows back…in front of me, saw all the top NYC teams…gunning for that prize money, methinks?? The start was very low-key…announcements were very faint, but then I heard “on your marks” and then the starting gun. My hope for today was to go under 47 minutes…or at the very least, have a time of 47:xx!! Let’s see what the day will bring…

Mile 1 (7:49)-I tried to be careful and conservative here, since I was afraid that the combination of flat road, fast runners and absence of crowds would suck me out too fast. I saw PN go ahead of me in the 2nd half of this mile…hmmm, I can usually beat him!! I’ll catch him later…
Mile 2 (7:54)-this mile had the only hill of the race. OK, it was really an overpass, and wasn’t a bitch like Cat Hill, but still 🙂 I looked at this mile split and had a feeling that sub-47 wouldn’t be happening today. Just keep going…
Mile 3 (7:43)-Enter Annoying Overdressed Guy. This guy was wearing long pants, a yellow running turtleneck, and had his music up so loud that I could hear it. And it was the same 2 songs over and over again!! (I like Lady GaGa as much as the next person, but there are only so many times I can hear “Just Dance” and “Poker Face” in a span of 50 minutes.) And he kept spitting like every single minute. AND he was acting like my friggin shadow-constantly running shoulder to shoulder with me…every time I tried to surge a little, he had to do the same….I just wanted to shout “just f*cking pass me already!!” But I hoped that sooner or later I could shake him. I saw PN late in this mile and passed by with us saying mutual “good jobs” to each other.
Mile 4 (7:47)-2nd half of the race, I try and pick it up a little bit. Annoying Guy won’t friggin go away. And because he’s running so damn close to me, bumps my elbow when going around a fast turn. Annoying. But the good thng is that I’m passing runner after runner…mostly guys 😛 I tried to do some quick math at the end of this mile…hmmm, looks like my time just may wind up being in the 48s? Unless I run a big negative split….
Mile 5 (7:37)-last 2 miles, get to work!! Still passing lotsa people and feeling kinda cool doing so. But Annoying Guy STILL won’t go away!! He stops at the water stations, I don’t, I hope I could lose him here…dammit.
Miles 6/last .2 (7:47/1:14)-Down by the water, the home stretch. Give it all you got. Lotsa guys for me to pass, but I also see a coupla women in striking contention…the mind game I played with myself is to pretend that they were in my age group…you get what i’m saying 😉 I caught up to and passed one, but couldn’t seem to close on the other. But the best part? Midway through the mile, I FINALLY dropped Annoying Guy!! Did not see him at all for the last half-mile or so of the race. Turn onto the final straightaway…man, this is going on forever!! JS is cheering at the mile 6 marker…”kick it in, only a minute and a half left!” Made the final turn to the finish…wait a minute, are my eyes deceiving me?? Is that clock still in the 47’s? Hells YEAH!!! Guess that 6-minute pace last .2 helped out big time 😛 (which I think was short and mile 6 was long.)

And the bottom line is-47:51, 7:42 pace…missed a PR by 45 seconds, but this is still my 3rd best 10K time ever so i was pleased. Especially since I wasn’t sure in the early going that 47:xx was possible!!

Shortly after I crossed, another guy who finished a few seconds behind thanked me, apparently he was sorta pacing off me. And Annoying Guy did the same a few minutes later (he finished a minute behind me…did he like, bonk or something in mile 6? How did he go from being right on my tail to being a minute behind?) Man, everyone was trying to use me as a rabbit today…guess I looked like I knew what I was doing or something 🙂

So JS and I stuck around for the best part-the post-race beer (they had Corona!! pretty cool)…and I was a little anxious to see the results, as last year, 3rd female 30-34 ran 50 minutes and change, so maybe there was a chance…oh, but when the age group awards were being announced, they totally skipped over females 30-34!! I thought I was imagining it, and they got all the way up to the 60s before they realized “oh yeah, we missed an entire age group” In the end, it didn’t matter anyway, as I turned out to be 8th AG…man, the field got a lot more competitive this year!! Some more beer to drown our….uh, my sorrows, and a return trip that was thankfully drama-free 🙂

As for the race-even though it wasn’t a PR time, I was still happy with the performance…especially considering the following:

I had done a track workout Wednesday, and probably didn’t hold back as much as I should have.
It was pretty damn humid, and it does affect me when I’m not acclimated.
My weekly mileage was been in the high 20s…realistically, I can’t expect to be running my best times off of that.

On the other hand, it felt great to be passing tons of runners in the second half, which meant that I ran a pretty smart race…and even though I thought a certain time may have been out of contention, I never gave up…I think this is one of those times where the finishing time doesn’t tell the whole story. Which is why I like writing race reports! 🙂

All in all, a fun day…one I knew would make for an entertaining blog post/race report 🙂 And what’s next? I am signed up for the infamous Mini 10K and hoping that Mother Nature will cut us a bit of slack after the More “fun run” scorcher. Besides that? Working on building my base…come June 22nd, it’s game on. Got lotsa work to do for a certain little race in October


5 thoughts on “some girls chase boys. i pass ’em.

  1. Very nice race report. Congrats on the 47:xx and beating Annoyingly Overdressed Guy. I think running in general has gotten so much more competitive across the board in the past year. Although I run faster times than I did a year or two years ago, I end up placing worst in my AG in nearly every race. Wierd.I’m excited for my 10K this weekend. We’ll see how my race report compares to yours. Who’s gonna be my rabbit? I wonder.

  2. great race and great race report, nothing better than passing people right at the end. sorry about the AG award, sometimes they just come out of the woodwork.

  3. Great race and great report. Congrats !

  4. great race! maybe the margs had something to do with it?? (or whatever it was you were drinking on Thurs..) annoying overdressed guy was probably trying to flirt with you or something–good thing you left him behind in your dust.

  5. GREAT JOB! You write good race reports – very edge-of-your-seat stuff.

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