it ain’t easy

Seems like Patriots’ Day has become a tradition of sorts for me. no, I don’t take off from work and get drunk, but instead I pretend to do work while following the Boston Marathon coverage-both the elite races and tracking my teammates and other friends.

It seems like I can always get emotional following a marathon. This year was the worst of all. While I was happy for my friends who were running…once again, I was quite jealous, even worse than before. There were a lot more that qualified for this year’s race, and it killed me knowing that 3 minutes and 15 seconds kept me from sharing what was supposedly a great race and weekend with them. Plus…they all have the glory of qualifying and running Boston…at the end of the day, what did a 3:44 marathon get me? Nada. Never mind the fact that it was a very well-executed race, obviously thats nothing compared to the runner that can run the first half at their 10k pace and miraculously hold on in the last half and still run a BQ time-I mean, those people are heroes!! (please note the obvious sarcasm.) It also didn’t help that at an event the week before, I had quite a few people ask me if I was running Boston and I said no, I didn’t qualify. (do I need to keep being reminded of that?) “But you ran a great race, so I thought you did qualify.” “Nope…still need a 3:40.” (ummm…you all know what age group I’m in.) I know they meant well, but it sorta bugged me…why can’t a great race, just be a great race, even if it isn’t a BQ? And why do I think about this so much?

Getting back to the race day itself, I once again found myself sucked into the coverage, especially the elite races and Kara Goucher and Ryan Hall-the American hopes. And then the 5K splits for all my teammates and friends (Lam, Bandana, Moz and others) started popping up on the screen. I didn’t realize it, but apparently I was a big part in helping out the Flyers’ cheering contingent at mile 17 on the course, as I was feeding runner updates to them via GW and his Blackberry, since apparently the email/text updates weren’t working too well. They knew that once a 25K split got posted, that the runner would be passing by soon. As one of my teammates said “it felt like you were out there with us.” That did feel good to have helped in that regard.

As for the runners I was tracking…I saw lotsa great races…some PRs, some re-BQs, others just running for fun and to take pictures 😉 I think I felt more heartbreak (no pun intended) for the elite races…well specifically the women’s race, I so wanted Kara to win it, she so had it but lost it in the last mile. Getting on the podium at Boston is nothing to sneeze at but still…when you had the win slip through your fingers while giving it all you got (unlike the runner-up in Chicago 2007 who lollygagged and lost because of that)…heartbreaking-is it me, or have I been using that word a lot? (I am glad she decided to be smart and not run London on Sunday!) As for the men’s race, Ryan done good. Great to see 2 Americans on the podium!!

So next year. Will I be repeating the tracking thing, or will I be one of those being tracked? Gotta figure out how to get there though…the venue is set, it’s just a matter of what will shave off those 3 minutes and 15 seconds. More mileage? More speedwork? 4 20s instead of 3? Something else? Well as the post title says-it won’t be easy…but what would be the fun and the challenge of it if it were easy? 🙂


One thought on “it ain’t easy

  1. Jealousy? “Glory?” You give them way too much credit.

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