and the decision is?

Yep…I did carefully think about my decision, and take all your comments into consideration…but when it came down to it…the one marathon of the bunch that I really was excited about running was Marine Corps. So register today I did!! (actually before noon!! though the site said registration would open at noon, I kept checking, and sure enough it actually opened about an hour early!)

Marking my calendar now…October 25th, me against DC. And yes, there may be a time goal in mind, but nothing in writing for at least a few months-way too early to tell 🙂

So that makes this weekend’s Cherry Blossom run even better…kind of a sneak preview for me 🙂 2008 was my “Philly year” (Broad Street/Philly Distance Run)…can 2009 be my “DC year”?


5 thoughts on “and the decision is?

  1. See ya in DC:) I’m registered as well!

  2. Excellent choice. It should be a fun one. You don’t have to say it, but we know what the goal time will be!

  3. Good luck in DC! Although i have to say NYC is going to miss you in November 😉

  4. Uptown Girl-yay!! together we’ll crush MCM…heheLaminator-oh you know, huh? ;-)Moz-oh don’t worry, NYC won’t miss me too much-I’ll most likely be doing my usual spectator stint…mile 18 handing out gels. plus I can party that week with all the NYCMers sans pressure…hehe 🙂

  5. cool! I met the Race Director of the Marine Corp Marathon on Friday. Nice guy; knows his stuff. Good luck.

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