club night-the recession version

the hard rock cafe marquee, all lit up for club nightWell I was told that this year’s NYRR Club Night would have a “different feel.” They weren’t kidding. Gone was the open bar, dinner and dancing at the Hilton. In its place were a less formal cocktail hour and the awards ceremony at the Hard Rock Cafe. I wasn’t surprised, I knew that with the economy, that last year’s format may have been too pricey for a lot of people and that NYRR would try something different. And hey, I can still dress to impress, even if it’s not a prom dress 😛

So, got there, checked my coat, went into the auditorium-type room where they were having the awards ceremony-which had the bar/mingling area on the balcony. With one of the bars positioned near the stairs. Now that’s a recipe for disaster-bet there was more than one person stumbling before the night was over. Redeemed the first of my 2 drink tix with a cosmo (thumbs up for expanded drink selection), saw and chatted with a couple of friends from other teams, didn’t see any other Flyers yet. Oh wait, theres one. But I want to find everyone else before the awards ceremony…lo and behold, there they were at the larger bar on the other side of the room. (Flyers at the bar? that never happens…) And we spent the time before the awards ceremony sipping our drinks and looking at the flat screen TVs which had pictures from all the races, to see if we could see any Flyers (and I was in it twice!! This picture and this one too.)

go flyers!Then the announcements to get to our seats, the awards were about to start…first thing we found out was that team winners get no love, the floor seats were reserved for the individual nominees. Thats ok-we snagged a bunch of seats on the balcony for our crew. And then we waited and waited for what we came here for-the announcement of the Men’s Open B division winner-yep, our guys 🙂 The few Flyer guys who were there went to the stage to claim the award, pose for pictures, etc. We hung around for the individual winners…and then that was it. They did say the bar was open for another hour, but a few of us grabbed a bite elsewhere instead, as the apps didn’t cut it…

My thoughts-I know that with the economy, something had to be done with the format, I’m not sure this really worked though. felt the format wasn’t really very condusive (sp?) to mingling. I felt the cocktail hour was more “find your teammates so you can sit together during the awards” than a chance to mingle with the other teams. At least with the old format, you have the table as your “home base”, so you can mingle during the cocktail hour, and the dancing!! Must bring back the dancing…it doesnt even have to be a formal event for there to be dancing 🙂 (just ask my company about our holiday parties 🙂 ) All in all, even though last year’s event was $20 more, it was a better value for the money. Curious what others thought…

And congrats again to the Flyer men-I always knew you were number 1 🙂


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