a missed opportunity

so I had an opportunity to race a 5K in NJ today. a non-Central Park 5K, smaller race so possibility of age-group hardware, opportunity to maybe do way-overdue damage to the 5K PR…sounds great!!

unfortunately, i couldn’t take advantage of the opportunity, as I had to to the family thing in the afternoon and didn’t want to cut it close. dinner with the family to celebrate grandma’s 92nd b-day…no contest (plus considering other family members need us…me right now.) I heard reports that the 5K course was long, so even if I ran a PR it wouldn’t have counted. And I was able to get in a 10-mile run to prep for Cherry Blossom. (which i got my bib # for this week…number in the 3000s, not sure if thats good or not?)

oh but wait a minute!! my brother was absent from the festivities. why, you ask? well-he thought that a friend’s engagement party was yesterday. until he actually looked at the invitation yesterday-and saw the party was actually today. (OK, I don’t expect everyone to be like me and put all events in their Treo/Blackberry calendar ASAP. But come on…) so…if he had gotten his dates straight from the beginning, we would have done the family celebration yesterday, leaving today free for me to do whatever. and when i saw the age group results and seen that long course or no long course, i would most likely have placed in my age group (3rd in my age group was 25 minutes and change)…grrr.

yeah, i know. in the grand scheme of things, it could have been a lot worse. and it was really good to see la familia.

well i can only hope that forgoing the race for a long run today may lead to some good karma for me at Cherry Blossom (and if i post a good time there, won’t get buried in all the Boston/spring marathon mania!)

In other news-word on the street is that JackRabbit‘s Upper East Side store will be opening THIS WEEK!! yay!! i only have to cross the park to visit my favorite running store ever!!

2 thoughts on “a missed opportunity

  1. where is jackrabbit on the east side?

  2. lex and 85th, i believe…

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