welcome to my rollercoaster

Hello there!! Whoops, been some time since an update. But I’m fine-just have had a rollercoaster of a week or so…

The biggest part has been the job-last week was crazy with most of my group packing up our cubicles to move to temporary locations while our cubes were being renovated. I’m sharing an office with someone during this transition period-an office normally meant for one-but it’s actually been good so far.

But nothing could have prepared me for when I walked in Tuesday afternoon. Being greeted by the news that there was a round of layoffs. And even though I survived, two others in our group didn’t. I didn’t know what to say. Of course I felt horrible for them-they were definitely more than just coworkers, they were friends too and will be missed. On the other hand-I felt like I dodged a bullet. Needless to say, it’s been a very strange atmosphere at the office this past week. Not surprisingly, the workload has increased a lot as a result. But I’m taking this a lot better than the last time I was in my work hell. I guess I’m really trying to stay calm and cool-getting hysterical is not gonna help the situation. And I am going to make sure I make time for me this time around too. Which means not wussing out on running…

Speaking of running…yeah it has been happening. Around 20-25 miles a week in fact. Nothing impressive, but decent maintenence mileage. And I actually am gonna be participating in the Cherry Tree Relay this weekend!! Didn’t get any takers for a Flyers team, but that’s ok because I get to “crash” one of the Reservoir Dogs‘ teams (that includes a fellow blogger-guess who 😉 ) We have a fun team that is named after a popular TV show 🙂 This race is really gonna be fun for me-and a good way to see “where I’m at.” A track workout done last week that was supposed to be 5K pace…well, that effort had me more doing closer to 7:30 pace than 7:15 pace (which is what it would have been the end of last year.) So will take advantage of this wonky distance (3.34 miles, I believe?) as a fitness check of sorts. And at least I will have material for a race report! 🙂

Also speaking of the Flyers…I’ve got something in the works there and I feel like being cryptic right now. All will be revealed by this time next week. Trust me 😉

And in other news-anyone else think that the NYCM fee this year is ridiculous? Almost $150 for NYRR members…that’s crazy!! I think I will actually need to drop this one from consideration for my fall marathon…

One thought on “welcome to my rollercoaster

  1. wow, $150! i though $125 for Chicago was high! Good luck with the relay, I love relay races!

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