staten island trumps punxsutawney

Sorry, but I’m preferring to believe the more local groundhog this year 🙂 Wishful thinking? Perhaps, considering this winter has been the worst I’ve experienced in a few years. But after a few cold-snappish days this past week, this weekend turned a corner (as well as the upcoming forecast for this week.) Yesterday, I was overdressed in tights and long sleeves, today I chose shorts and short sleeves for my longish run. Eleven and change miles, down the west side, up the east side, only thing missing being the water fountains that I thought were supposed to be operational all winter on the west side path? Nevertheless, good effort and hopefully I will be ready for Cherry Blossom in a coupla months!!

It was good to get back outside, after several days of fighting a cold this past week. At least 2 dozen Flyers got sick shortly following the awards gala-anywhere from a cold to the flu. Thankfully I didn’t get hit as hard as others but still wasn’t fun. But it’s just crazy how many people got sick from one event…what the heck was in the water?? (or the cosmos?)

In other news, a blast from the past contacted me in the last coupla days. One I never thought I would hear from again-or would want to hear from again. Longtime readers can probably guess who it was 😉 No plans to respond-leaving it alone for now…

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