spirit fingers

the red carpet photo :)(aka my well-overdue Flyers awards gala recrap. post title is a reference to the movie Bring It On. you’ll see why…)

Another year, another Flyers awards gala. Or as some people refer to it, the “Flyer Prom” (I’m not sure how accurate that is-I mean, there’s no pressure to find a date for this shindig. Or is there?) Another west midtown loft location, which us UWS’ers did not mind in the least πŸ™‚ Once again, shared a cab w/ Runner26 and her hubby, and arrived around 7:30 to find the party already in full swing…why, oh why, am I not surprised. Everyone dressed to impress, looking fabulous, and lotsa red in the house this year, including myself!! (I think this may have been my favorite awards gala ensemble yet!)

So, a coupla hours of sipping cosmos (it went with the ensemble!), sampling the catered goods, catching up with Flyers old and new, it was time for the actual awards ceremony. It started off with the annual “Year in Pictures,” which I had a hand in choosing both the pictures (yes-I actually allowed the underwear run picture to stay in there!) and the music (well just one of the songs, but was still cool to hear!) Then time for the actual awards-and let me say, our MC’s did a great job, they were totally themselves, very entertaining. As I co-chaired the awards committee this year, the recipients were not a surprise to me…except one-the “Team Spirit” award.

accepting my award!If possible, we try to spread the awards out so as many people as possible can win, and someone doesn’t wind up taking home 2 or 3 awards. So when our original nominee for the Team Spirit award was actually slotted to win something else, was back to the drawing board. A couple of nominees were thrown out-including myself (nominated by someone else-I would never put myself up for an award, I think it’s not kosher when I’m heading the committee) and all of a sudden the email chains got quiet, until my co-chair sent an email to me and a couple of others saying we were in contention so we were left out of the discussion-so that was that until the actual awards ceremony. Honestly, knowing who I was up against, I was sure it was going to go to one of them (I felt they did more for the team than I do.)

So, back to the present…time for the “Team Spirit” award…and who will it be? RB starts the couple of lines about the awards recipient…as soon as he said “she” I was thinking “ohmigod…no way.” I knew. My name got called. Applause. Go up to the front and accept my award. Pose for the camera. Walk back to my seat to even more applause. Throw an arm up in the air in jubilation. Get back to my seat still smiling. And that all felt so surreal-like I was watching myself through all that. (Is that how the Oscar/Grammy/etc. winners feel, I wonder?)

Watched the rest of the awards winners, capped off by the Flyer of the Year presentation, which went to who I felt was a very deserving winner and was very happy to see her get it-and the outgoing Flyer of the Year presented it beautifully too. For the most part, the awards were great and I was proud of the job that the committee did. One thing did bring it down-one of my good friends had improved a lot last year and it was very close between her and another woman, but the other woman edged her out. Her disappointment kinda brought me down a little-I hate seeing friends upset like that, and I guess I felt partially responsible, even though I thought I did the right thing. (It did blow over by the end of the evening. But still…)

me, TB, runner26 hitting the dancefloor
Ahhhh time for dancing!! I don’t know what I was more buzzed on-the cosmos or my award, but the dancing was a great time as usual…I swear, this part seems to fly by quicker and quicker each year!! And at around midnight, I went to the DJ booth to request a song and they said “we’ve only got 2 minutes left” and “Last Dance” started playing and I think a lot of people were wondering…”huh?” as the dancing was supposed to go til 12:30!! If it was a misunderstanding, it got cleared up, and the music played for another half-hour, finishing off with “Sexyback”…a better way to end the evening πŸ™‚ Afterwards, I followed the crowd that went to the nearby bar/lounge Stitch for the after-party…before I knew it, was around 3 am and was time to head home. (And needless to say I was not very productive the next day!! This chick has not stayed out that late in a long time…)

I say this every year, but I felt this year’s awards gala was the best one yet!! Do we really have to wait another year for the next one…? πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “spirit fingers

  1. Let it be another year. I don’t need any more nights like my time at stitch anytime soon.

  2. Congrats on the award, I am sure you deserved it. Who cares if it resembled a prom, prom is wasted on high school kids. Glad you had fun!

  3. Congratulations on your award! I agree, best awards party yet.

  4. Yes–best party yet!! Except for the rampant illness. But we’ll survive. Congrats again! You totally deserved it — btw, loved the arm up in jubliation bit πŸ˜‰

  5. Why wasn’t I invited????? :p

  6. Jon-whoa…what happened at Stitch? I missed that…and I was there!! Was it anything like a certain Astoria beer garden nite? :-PSpike-agreed-and I didn’t even go to my prom πŸ™‚ Thanks!!Dana-thanks!! And best party except for one afteraffect… ;-)R26-thanks! think i finally shook the cold out…jud-date one of our members. you’ll get an invite next year πŸ˜›

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