yeah, they’re just like us

I liked this recent Runner’s World interview with Kara Goucher (who won the mile at last nite’s Millrose Games-yeah!)-especially this part:

It’s hard to remember the last time there was somebody at your level who was running the mile and the marathon in the same season.
KG: I don’t know, I can’t imagine just running the marathon or just running the marathon all the time. As long as I can keep competing with everybody on this level, I’ll do everything. I love it. I love the fact that this year (actually 2008), I ran a mile, a 3K, a 5K, a 10K, a 10-mile, and a marathon, and I did well in all of them. I like that. It’s fun to be able to compete on all those different stages.

I felt like I could have written almost the exact same thing!! (strike the mile and 3K-replace with 4-miler and half-marathon.) It’s exactly why I don’t want to do a spring marathon this year…even though I do honestly like training for the distance, it’s not something I want to do year-round. What’s wrong with taking part of the year to see what you’ve got in shorter distances? Even though I felt last year I was a little stronger in the longer races, there is still unfinished business in races between 5K and 10K….

On a sorta related note, was glad to get my “long” run (10 miles) out of the way today, as I know I will be useless tomorrow…yep, it’s Flyers Awards Gala time tonite!! What will everyone be wearing? Who will win what? Who will leave brokenhearted? (oops sorry, that one shoulda been for The Bachelor) What drama will there be? Man, this is more exciting than all those other awards shows 🙂


One thought on “yeah, they’re just like us

  1. Had a blast last night! Why I was up @ 7a today, however, I know not. I have absolutely no voice left 😦 But also no hangover. We’ll have to debrief at some point…

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