the "operation" continues…

Tuesday-actually got to watch the inauguration on TV!! and still made it to the gym in the evening.

Wednesday-long day that consisted of an 8:30 am meeting, 2 1/2 hour lunch, and a killer speed workout. Gawd, I forgot how long 3 minutes at 5K pace can seem…someone remind me how I was ever able to do 3 x 800 on the track at 5k pace last year when it was like 80 degrees out?

Thursday-activity consisted of walking around in heels and hitting the dance floor at our annual client party at Tavern on the Green. And made it home before midnight this time because, for a change in pace I was planning to work on Friday…

Friday-despite many caffeinated infusions, I was practically falling asleep at my desk by 2 pm. very tempted to just crash as soon as I got home, but hit the gym instead…

Saturday-deemed the better of the 2 weekend days, ran 10 miles and change with JS, DN and AU. Very fun, albeit a bit windy!! We came to the conclusion that it probably doesn’t matter what direction we choose, we’re always gonna hit a headwind when close to the water ๐Ÿ˜›

Sunday-felt like such a slacker since I didn’t run the Manhattan Half. Got out the door in the afternoon with the intent of doing 4 and change. Saw that the bridle path didn’t look that icy over on the west side and decided to brave it, needing a change from the roads. But it was bad on the east side and i slipped and fell on the ice :-\ needless to say, i had to walk to engineers gate and hit the roads then…

This week’s mileage added up to an amusing number-26.2

So here’s a dilemma…I think I am ready to race again (it’s been 6 weeks…) The problem is that there seems to be not a lot out there for those of us who want to keep it short…I have the Cherry Blossom 10-miler coming up in April but nothing really on the agenda for February or March. I’d prefer to keep it short…yeah, I know there are half-marathons in abundence but I’m really not up for doing one until I know I’m in 1:45ish shape or better. Something between 5 and 10K…any suggestions? (preferably non-NYRR, if possible) Guess I’m finally itching to do something a little more exciting than slogging out slow miles every weekend…

and something non-running related…i thought this video was amusing so i am posting it ๐Ÿ˜›


5 thoughts on “the "operation" continues…

  1. 26.2 – LOLI’m pretty sure there are a bunch of shorter races in Westchester, but that would mean hiking it up North.

  2. What about the Snowflake 5K in Prospect Park on 2/21? That should fit the bill.

  3. ahhh yeah i forgot about that one. actually, originally that one wasn’t on the radar as I was hoping to get a Flyer team together for the Cherry Tree relay the next day, but that looks very unlikely so maybe…But damn…would I still be able to run a 5K PR with that horrible hill in there (think brooklyn half)

  4. I always have a blast at Coogan’s, the 5K in Washington Heights. It’s March 1st this year. Glad to hear you are getting the racing bug again. Your rest was well deserved after all those PRs, but I look forward to seeing you out there soon!

  5. sorry- im a bit late on this response, but there’s a string of 5Ks at the Long Island Winter series a couple of weeks ago.

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