so far, so good

alright…so far “Operation: Don’t Wuss Out” has been somewhat successful…

Saturday was insanely cold, yet I still got in a full loop of the park in the afternoon (better to wait until the temps were in the high teens-right?) I just bundled up and got out there…wasn’t so bad once I started moving, and I just thought about the Starbucks that I will treat myself to when the run was done πŸ™‚

Sunday-a little warmer, but kinda snowy. Decided this day would consist of a spin class and 2 miles and change on the dreadmill.

Today-I was out all afternoon running errands and was sooo tempted to just call it a night as soon as I got home and scrap a workout (be it running or XT) But thanks to reading an email chain from the downtown crew, where they talked about the show (or the run) still going on, I put on my running shoes/clothes minutes after I got home and hit the park for 5 snowy miles before I lost my nerve. Thanks for the inspiration, downtown crew πŸ™‚ That plus one of the things I bought today was a pair of shoes that I plan to wear to the awards gala…which ties into making sure the dress still fits πŸ˜›

And is everyone excited for a certain inauguration tomorrow? πŸ™‚ I only wish I could watch online, but our IT department has blocked all streaming video. Thank goodness for DVR…


6 thoughts on “so far, so good

  1. “Operation: Don’t Wuss Out” — I love it!

  2. I’ve never considered you as a wusser outer. Looks like you’ll be a-okay for awards gala.BTW, congrats on VP nomination…if you promise to increase the visibility of all the fine Flyer bloggers in the club, you got my vote!

  3. skinny vanilla latte??

  4. johnny-good to know i amused you :)laminator-oh believe me i am can be a winter weather wuss. luckily for me i missed most of last winter due to injury. as for increasing blogger visibility…hey i know not all of them want to be visible…some prefer to keep theirs UTR. but we shall see ;-)R26-nope…skim caramel macchiatto. needed a sweeter reward at the end of this one πŸ™‚

  5. Nice work. Hope training is going well in 09!

  6. Great long run yesterday! “So far, so good” indeed! πŸ™‚

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