hello, motivation

I think I figured out what I need to do to get me out the door on those chilly nights instead of staying home-try on my dress for the Flyers awards gala. Got a little over 2 weeks to make sure it still fits, so gotta stay on track… (I guess that’s what I get for buying the dress right around NYCM time…you get what I’m saying šŸ™‚ )

So winter has hit with a vengence here in NYC. I don’t remember it being this cold in a very long time. Cold enough that I have to use my supplemental electric heater-which I don’t think I have used since 2005!! So despite that, did I get back on track this week? Well…kinda sorta so far.

Monday-5 1/2 miles
Tues-yoga class with 2.2 dreadmill miles beforehand. The last 2 minutes were at 8:34 pace, which is basically MP for me-man, how did I ever maintain that for 26.2?
Wed-couldn’t run in the evening due to a prior engagement…I did set the alarm for the AM but just couldn’t do it…too damn cold (this was the beginning of the current cold snap)
Thurs-5 miles tonite. Was 18 degrees (just like Midnight Run night!) but since I had the right attire on, wasn’t so bad. Though my hands were freezing for the first mile even though I had gloves on…maybe time to replace them. And a trick for an extra bottom layer? A running skirt-the kind with shorts instead of spankies. Provides the extra layering where I need it most-it actually worked!!

I was hoping to take a spin class tomorrow morning, but considering it’s supposed to be single digits at 6 am, I am not sure that will be happening. (why venture outside if I don’t have to…even I have my limits…) I guess just make sure I get in a shorter run on Saturday and a longish run on Sunday. There, I have it written down šŸ™‚

And in non-running news…today’s plane crash on the Hudson River-wow, that was a miracle if there ever was one. Unbelievable.


One thought on “hello, motivation

  1. Yeah, pretty crazy stuff on the Hudson. So many flashbacks to 911 for me because I was at the crash site right after it happened. I’m so thankful that everyone got out safe.What’s going on with this weather anyways? It’s throwing a wrench in everyone’s training. This has got to end soon.

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