i need motivation

did i mention that i hate winter?

well in case i haven’t, i’ll say it again. i hate winter. 🙂

i don’t know why, but this past week I was so unmotivated to run, only running twice. i did hit the gym 3 other days this week, but the annual onslaught of the “resolution” people mobbing the treadmills…you get the idea. Like the plan on Thursday was to do a few miles on the treadmill after a yoga class but all treadmills were taken, and i didn’t have the patience to wait…

Then Saturday, the intent was to get in a short run outside after hitting the gym, and the hourly forecast looked favorable for me beating the snow but that wasn’t the case…

And today? I had to sleep off my share of beverages from last nite…needless to say running did not happen today.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I figured vanity alone (worry about not fitting into my dress for the Flyers’ awards gala at the end of the month) would get me out there but that has not been the case this past week. Guess the fact that there are no races on the horizon for awhile has made me a little bit lax. Or actually there is a race next month I would like to do, but that is contingent on being able to form a team…and looks like so far, training would be a breeze compared to convincing others to trek out to Brooklyn to run 3.3 miles 😛 I don’t know, guess I’m just sick of racing loops around Central Park and want to do a race that would be different and fun…maybe my idea of fun is different than others? 😛

tomorrow’s another week…let’s pray for better weather and more motivation!


6 thoughts on “i need motivation

  1. I agree its hard to find motivation to run during these cold post-holiday crappy weather days, but everyone finds their own reason to get out there.Whether it’s trying to fit a dress, finding an exciting race or in my case, training to run my first Boston and wanting to feel like I belong there (instead of a charity case), you got to find the little spark that lights the fire.Whatever it is, I hope you find it soon.

  2. It is very difficult in the winter to fall into the mode of being not motivated. Sometimes, I just get down right lazy. Have you considered signing up for a big event, like the New Jersey Marathon in May, or something sooner – a long distance event that you know you need to establish a base for and train well for ? That might be great motivation to get you moving.

  3. 100% affirmative- winter sucks! Bring on the hot and humid weather! :0)btw treadmills should be 30 mins during peak hours….just kick those douchetards out ;)What even pisses me more is the fact that some gym-n00bs have the audacity to hold onto the bars of the treadmill while going at 10.0 inclines and 4.0 mph OR the ones that just walk at 3.0 mph for 20 minutes. Useless!!!!!!!!! (can you sense my frustration?)

  4. I’m with Morrissey on this. And I hate when some guy next to me jacks up the treadmill to 9.8 miles per hour and I’m like, “Wow, this guy’s good for one that wears such HUGE SHORTS,” and then I notice he’s on a 0% grade and quits after less than a mile. Wuss.

  5. Stop doing NYRR races. There is a whole other world out there.

  6. laminator-i guess i found it-in my latest post :-PAnthony-I’ve signed up for the Cherry Blossom 10-miler in April, which I’d like to do well in…at this point, it’s a matter of defeating the cold! :)Moz-yep, I know the rule and have done that. Just don’t have the patience to wait sometimes :)jud-even better, those on the friggin cell phone while on the treadmill. i don’t get it…yan-ummm…did you read my previous post where I said I wanted to do non-NYRR races 😛

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