so where should the miles really count?

So I sit here duping my 2008 excel running log and updating it for 2009 (yeah I still use Excel, I’m kinda sorta old-school like that). The first entry will be all too soon as I plan to do the Midnight Run tonite. But I’ve wondered, what day should those miles honestly count for? December 31st or January 1st?

A look back at the previous times I did the Midnight Run tells me that I counted it for December 31st one time, and January 1st the other time. So who knows which is right!! At any rate, what I know will happen is that I will be freezing my a$$ off tonite. πŸ˜›

I’ve been a pretty sporatic blogger lately, the end-of-year slowdown is not only hitting the office but outside of work too. Not much to report except the fact that I was able to hook up my new HDTV (a Hanukkah gift) all by myself. Don’t ask me why I’m proud of that, but I am πŸ˜› (of course, I didn’t have much of a choice…it’s not like I can do what my mom does and tell my dad to set it up…gotta get used to not being able to depend on someone else.) Only speed bump I have now is my DVR-I have to do the switcharoo to an HD-DVR but don’t want to lose all the programs I have saved-anyone know how I can save DVR’ed programs to my computer or to DVD?

Ok enough rambling for now. Happy 2009…

4 thoughts on “so where should the miles really count?

  1. Don’t know much about DVR to DVD/PC ’cause I don’t own one but just wanna wish you a happy happy new years.Can’t believe you’re doing the midnight run in this weather. You’re one brave Flyer blogger…but then I guess for someone who’s done a run in bare underwear, the wind, snow and sub-freezing temps probably don’t pose much of a threat.Looking forward to a couple of runs with you next year. Have a good race!

  2. It was SO cold last night – I was a block away from the park at 12:30 and couldn’t believe that there were people running in that freezingness πŸ™‚ Hope the race went well!I counted it for 2008 last year, because it starts at midnight so it’s technically the new year when it’s run.

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