merry xmas

to demonstrate my christmas cheer, i present to you the most disturbing looking (and sounding) santa ever (who resides on the ground floor of chelsea market) enjoy!!

Happy holidays to all my readers…

3 thoughts on “merry xmas

  1. hahahahaha how did I miss that!!! It looks like it was in front of the produce store? I hope you had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and I wish you all the best with running and life in 2009!

  2. oh you definitely have to check it out, if it is still there next week. the first time i saw that thing, it gave me the creeps-and others in my office had the same opinion…thanks for the holiday wishes (i celebrate that other holiday though!)-and right back atcha!!

  3. I always wondered what goes on in the city when I’m away for the holidays…. yikes!See you in 2009!

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