don’t call it a comeback

…I been here for years
Rockin my peers and puttin suckas in fear…

yeah, felt like quoting a little LL Cool J…sorta fits in a way…

Normally, I would do my year-end wrapup a week later, but my racing year is over and it’s a crappy weather day so why not 🙂

After a few frustrating years, I guess you can say 2008 was a comeback year in a way. Wouldn’t have guessed that would be the case back in January, when I got hit by the calf injury, but that was a blessing in disguise, as it indirectly made me change my training-incorporating more cross-training, having things not just be about mileage. And did that work…?

Well-I’ll revisit my year in review post from last year-and see the result of the 2008 goals…

“GET FASTER. this is the most important. i would like to just be able to complete one 6 mile loop of the park on a group run without getting dropped or begging people to slow down.”

ehhh…sort of. race times, yes. training runs, no. unfortunately, this doesn’t look to be easily solveable…as I really don’t want to race my training runs at the expense of my own training/racing. I keep my easy runs easy for a reason…

“sign up for the NYC marathon and run it-and hopefully better my 2006 time.”

check!! by 14 minutes.

“maybe a 10-mile race in the late spring, as i have never raced this distance before? (i’m eyeing Broad Street, perhaps…)”

check!! ran broad street in may, which was a very fun race-highly recommended!!

“look outside NYRR and Central Park for races (5ks, 10ks, halfs)-and just use NYRR races to get in my 9 marathon qualifiers and use them as training runs if need be. (races like the Mini 10K and Club Champs are the exception, as I can get a decent starting position and they are less crowded.)”

check!! the Broad Street Run. Philly Distance Run and Party With Purpose 5K (Hoboken.)

“PR in at least one distance. With the exception of distances I have only raced once, the majority of my PRs are 3 years old.”

major check!!
lifetime PRs in 4 distances (4 miles, 10K, half-marathon, marathon)
“submasters PRs”-and lifetime 2nd best-in 2 distances (5K, 5 miles)
unofficial PR in 10 miles (never did a 10-mile race before, my previous fastest 10 miles was the 10-mile split of an old half-marathon PR)
and I would have been happy with just one PR!! And even though I was glad to get the marathon PR, I felt the shorter distance ones were sweeter…maybe because I have been chasing after those longer?

So yeah-needless to say, I was pleased with how 2008 went. And I learned from past mistakes…I know now to quit while I am ahead, and that a little downtime never hurts 🙂

Looking ahead to 2009…here’s what is on my plate as of now:

  • Continue to train smart. Meaning-no racing in January (that’s my “off-season!”), and when I do race, schedule things well (no over-racing.) Keep with the HRM on training runs, keep up the cross-training. If it ain’t broke…
  • Have some fun with racing! I’ve already started that by signing up for the Cherry Blossom 10-miler in April and just like last year, will explore other non-NYRR races. Especially now with the capping thing going on with the NYRR races…
  • As of now-I do plan to try and knock 3 minutes and 15 seconds off my marathon time in the fall. This all will depend on the body holding up, and other circumstances allowing me the time to train, but as of now, that is the plan. Not sure where I will be going for it just yet, but definitely won’t be NYC, as I’d like to try a different (flatter) marathon…as of now, Marine Corps and Philly are the top contenders.

Unlike previous years, at least I do have an idea as to how to go about all of this!! 🙂

5 thoughts on “don’t call it a comeback

  1. Lara – Congrats on a fantastic running year. You’ve really earned it. Clearly, something about your training is working. Your real training hacks (I use the term endearingly) are the kids who’ll do whatever you want to do. I hope 2009 brings more happy running for you.- J

  2. You have had such an amazing year! I am sooooo jealous. Well, I hope to read about even more amazing achievements next year.

  3. Hartford…definitely flat…umm…yeah good thing you didn’t mention me again…beating me was shameful…kidding. But yes, I’m going slower this year, with my friends girlfriend I will be running with!

  4. A great review of a fantastic running year. I love the PRs spanning such a range of distances. No question – you are in great shape. Happy New Year!

  5. Congrats on your great running year! Lots of fast times and lots of PRs means you trained pretty well. Hope you enjoy your off-season. I’m looking forward to an even better 2009 from you.

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