my running year-the cliffs notes edition

Taking a tip from Johnny’s blog…This week’s topic from Take It and Run Thursday at the Runners Lounge is a summary of your running year in 52 words or less.

OK-I’ll play too 🙂

2008 started off with a calf injury…but I rehabbed well, ran smarter, and I came back. Stronger than before.
Four lifetime PR’s, two submaster PR’s, and a great first 10-mile race.
A marathon that exceeded my expectations.
To borrow from VH1…”Best (running) Year Ever!”

I do intend to have a more detailed wrap-up before the year is over though!! 🙂


3 thoughts on “my running year-the cliffs notes edition

  1. What a great year you had with PRs and new accomplishments!Most runners would give anything to enjoy a fraction of your success.Keep up the great work in 2009!Thanks for joining us for TIART!

  2. thanks!! I should probably add that this year came after several very frustrating running years (injuries, overtraining, other stuff)…I’ve had more than my shares of trials and tribulations over the years, so just glad to have a good year 🙂

  3. After the frustrations you’ve been through, one PR in 2008 IMO would have been enough to call it a successful year. Congratulations!

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