one can only be good for so long

when. when. when will I ever learn???

cheers!!  at the flyers holiday partywork party-well behaved. let other people make out on the dance floor, or rip their shirts off, or down shot after shot. nope, won’t be me tonite.

Flyers holiday party-again, well behaved. paced myself, worked the room, thankfully a drama-free evening. with an amusing comment from some random stranger who was witnessing mine and runner26‘s difficulty at getting a cab…apparently, if we can’t get a cab, there is a lot wrong with the world. or something to that effect. 🙂

guess I had to be a bad girl at the TRD holiday party on saturday nite. that was the time to let loose, nothing I had to be up early for the next day (plus I had to celebrate my race!) note to self: “let loose” should not equal “drink almost a whole bottle of merlot by yourself.” (or honestly i lost count of glasses of wine that I had, so it may have been possible it wasn’t as much as that, but just too quickly and possibly not enough to eat.) thankfully, with the help of a couple of saviors 😉 I made it uptown, but the effects of the night did not wear off right away, as I spent most of…well, all day Sunday nursing a hangover. fun times…

and to top it all off, I haven’t ran or been to the gym since Saturday, and I attacked half a bag of Candy Cane Hershey’s kisses this evening.

i think i need to try and be a good girl again. in the meantime, in this post is a picture of me being somewhat good at the flyers holiday party.


3 thoughts on “one can only be good for so long

  1. Oh C’mon…isn’t the whole point of running PRs is so you can celebrate with a bottle of merlot at the after-party and not feel guilty about it. I think successive PRs in successive weeks is a cause for successive celebrations! As a matter of fact, I’m so tempted to enter a race this weekend just so I can do the same…even though I’m on a self-imposed running sabatical…which is why you should drink double for me!

  2. A well deserved lapse — enjoy!

  3. I have a few comments…1. lol on the cab comment 😉 2. i have more of those candy cane things if you’re interested.3. drinking of bottle of merlot is really the best way to get into the holiday spirit4. today was the first time i’ve run since saturday.

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