party girl

Tis the season…3 parties in 3 days (not to mention a holiday lunch on wednesday that wound up going til 4pm!) First one was last nite, the annual work party. Surprisingly, I drank much less than I did last year-I figured I’d leave that role to other people this year 🙂 As per tradition, the CFO ripped his shirt off near the end of the party (sorry…no pictures!! i know better 🙂 ) I decided to pass on the after-party…as I need to pace myself!! Was a good time-and I know a few of my colleagues thought so too, as indicated in their Facebook status updates this morning (especially those who are newer to the company and this is their first holiday party!)

Round 2 is tonite, the Flyers‘ holiday party…and I think I will be sticking to red wine tonite and not a lot of it…you know, because of that little 4-mile run tomorrow morning.

More pictorial evidence from Sunday!!

nabbed by NYRR!!
Yay, NYRR finally got a picture of me actually running!! Not chatting, posing with teammates, hanging out in lasker pool, dancing or any other assorted goofy things. Pretty cool 🙂 Man…I’m all business here!!

nabbed by brightroom!
My sole brightroom picture, and they just had to get me stopping my watch 😛


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