"plus one"

so the other day, I dropped by the NYRR offices to pick up my bib (yay another red bib!) for tomorrow’s Joe Kleinerman 10K. I saw the t-shirt distribution was packed with volunteers…as was the bib pickup. I said “Everyone here to get in their ‘plus one’?” and everyone laughed. Yeah…the procrastinators, trying to get in their volunteer credit for NYCM guaranteed entry!! Sure glad I got mine out of the way in April (even though I most likely won’t be running NYC next year…but it’s good to have the option as a fallback if I needed it.)

Looks like next year, it may not be as easy to get in the 9 races unless you plan way in advance-as NYRR has announced they are going to be capping races at 5,000 participants.

May not affect me so much, as I usually sign up for races enough in advance (hey, I’m a cheapskate, I want to pay the early bird fee) and I haven’t done as many NYRR races lately as I used to.

Even though I know something needs to be done about the crowding, I am not sure this is the best idea. First off-you know the benefactors are going to abuse this privilege, and sign up for everything the minute registration opens, whether or not they even plan to race. Spots wasted for those who for whatever reason, couldn’t sign up right away (more on that later). Also, I have a feeling this is only going to encourage much more banditing…

And I found this sentence to be a little obnoxious…“Runners who pay close attention to the opening of race registration should not have trouble registering for races before the cap is reached.” Yeah-we all pay attention to when registration is open, yadda yadda yadda. However-there are lots of people who work on weekends, and they might not know if they will have the day off, or be able to get the time off-until it is too late and registration is closed. Those people deserve an honest shot at getting into the races, as much as the Monday-Friday crew….

I know NYRR does a lot, I know we are lucky to have races as often as they are. I really thought the corral system this year was a huge step forward-it was a drastic change, but it really worked. The wave starts at the marathon, there may have been doubts in the beginning, but I was hopeful and they did turn out to be successful (at least for me.) But this…I’m not quite sure about. I only hope that NYRR will evaluate things mid-year and see if this new system really is working, if benefactors are abusing the privilege, etc.

And time to spend this lovely afternoon holiday shopping (planning to stay away from the crazy zones of NYC!) and deciding on my outfit for tomorrow (long-sleeve black Flyers top? Or short-sleeve red Flyers top over black long-sleeve zip top?) And later, gonna meet up for drinks with a fellow blogger friend in town for the weekend…yay 🙂


2 thoughts on “"plus one"

  1. Don't worry about the benefactors as my information has them going away soon; the caps, however, were driven on the initiative of Parks & Rec/Censervancy.PT

  2. Ugh, I’m really unhappy with the change – I almost always sign up last minute because of work.

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