where i’m at

where am i at? well i’m here. for now :-p

yeah, i’ve been MIA for a week. lotsa craziness going on, not a lot of chances to blog. (and i know i’ve been bad about commenting too…but i’ve been reading!)

so turkey day weekend consisted of…
escaping the madness that is the Macy’s parade (only day that I curse living on the UWS)
fighting the crowds at Penn Station
NJ Transit doing its NJ Transit thing once again
dinner at the parentals…on the early side (we were done eating by 5!) and quieter than normal. long story, not going into it here…
hitting the shops on friday and saturday (for the record, I waited until later in the evening to brave the black friday sales)
a 6-mile (training) run through the streets of NJ…man, couldn’t believe how flat it was compared to central park!
sitting through the first half of the jets-broncos game and getting completely soaked in the process. you know the conditions were bad when my brother was OK with leaving at halftime!!

hectic week at work too…preparing for a client presentation tomorrow. and i took something else home to work on since it’s the kind of thing where i need less distractions…but the document is in PowerPoint 2007 and I have 2000 at home. And they don’t get along. Damn. In addition, our group head made me a little nervous earlier this week when she said she wanted to meet with us and didn’t say why…I guess the current state of the economy makes everyone nervous, I thought it was something big (not in a good way!) Thankfully, it turned out to be nothing to get nervous about.

And tonight in speedwork…I got to see where I’m at, running-wise. The last few weeks have just been easy-effort slogs, so it was tough to judge whether I was truly recovered or not. And I thought I was gonna feel crappy and need to hold back…but that was not the case, in fact I was actually able to do the workout faster than what JS told me to shoot for…and ran negative splits too!! Welcome change compared to 2 years ago at this time, nice boost of confidence going into my last 2 races of the year. Will the 10K and/or 4-mile PRs go down? We shall see…

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