post-marathon blues

I guess it’s normal to have this sorta “letdown” time. Not really feeling sad, just more kinda…blah. Lack of sunlight, lack of goals/direction, don’t really feel like going out much, since seemingly everyone’s in a relationship and i’m the only single one yet again, dealing with idiot clients (i swear it was “Idiot Clients Day” both last Thursday and Friday.)

Attempted to combat it with some retail therapy-seemingly *everything* is on sale!! Took advantage of 2 wonderful words-“price adjustment”-on a couple of things I bought 2 weeks earlier…so that saved me about another $50!! Another piece of clothing for me (or a gift for someone else!) And I still had my gift certificate to Urban Athletics for pacing the 20-miler, and this past weekend’s cooollllddd temps had me wanting another cold-weather top…mission accomplished.

And as I wanted to do a longish run and was sick of loops in Central Park, JS thankfully let me tag along on his long run on Sunday. Was a fun route-some bridle path and park roads, but the bulk of it was Riverside Park and city streets over by Columbia. And those city streets were good for a hill workout of sorts too! I’d see a hill and say “oh sh*t…do I really have to climb that?” But then I’d get to the top and “oh-that wasn’t so bad!” (I figure, anything to make Harlem Hill seem less scary…) But all in all, was definitely a fun run and a nice break from the same old same old.

And thankfully the holidays are coming up soon…I’m looking forward to that occupying my time, I already have several parties on the calendar and I am sure there will be a few more when all is said and done.

And running-wise…I feel like I need a goal, like some kind of carrot to dangle in front of my face to keep me motivated (though combating holiday goodies I guess is motivation enough!) Besides the 2 short races next month…I’m sorta coming up with a plan for next year. Stay tuned…

And congrats to all of you who ran Philly this past weekend!! Definitely some great and gutsy performances there…I had a lot of fun tracking you all on Sunday morning!! 😀

4 thoughts on “post-marathon blues

  1. I hear you about the goals thing. I have fuzzy notions of what my 2009 goals are, but have yet to nail them down. However, I’m finding that I need goals for even within the next four weeks, otherwise I’m sunk. My new mantra: basebuilding, basebuilding.And I too want another cold-weather top. I want a super-cool green jacket/sweatshirt, with two side pockets and one back pocket. Does such a thing exist? It must be green!

  2. totally feel the same way. but i’m okay with it for now. I don’t want to feel pressure to run atm. I just like running whenever. Happy thanksgiving!

  3. I’m sure I’d be feeling the same way right now. Still new to this, but I can relate to looking for goals ahead. Since I have not done a marathon, I was casting about trying to find a spring marathon, which would be my first. I used to live in Vancouver, so May 3, I may be heading out there to do that. Plus there would be some crowd support. Seems like “destiny”!Any suggestions as to a good spring marathon for someone 6 months in to running and having done 2 half’s? by May I could be ready.

  4. For Robert: I did the Vancouver marathon last year (and a half the year before that). I think it’s a great marathon and a nice course – maybe the one grumpy note I have is that the marathon shirt my registration fee got me was only a long-sleeve cotton t-shirt (I suppose I am spoiled by some other races I have done where even the half participants get a technical shirt). I’ve also heard good things about Eugene marathon in Portland (I guess quite a legendary place for US distance running). Nyflygirl: congrats again for a great marathon! I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and was very happy for you reading about your amazing PR.

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