global warming? yeah right!

Can’t remember last year at this time…but I do remember this time 2 years ago, it was still shorts weather (at least for running!) And didn’t have to break out the tights til December. Well not only have I brought out the tights already, last nite the full winter gear was utilized!! I’m so tempted to buy more (this top in pink has caught my eye)…do i really need to? do i or don’t i??

And so much for the park being a ghost town once the marathon was over and it got cold-came almost face-to-face with a huge mob of TNT’ers on the east drive. Well not exactly face-to-face, as I was forced to run outside the rec lane as they were taking up all the room!! A little etiquette please? Thank god the cars were out of the park…

In the meantime-this has really gotten me pissed off. My rent I’m sure will go up in 2009, don’t expect much of a bonus, if any at work this year, the price of every single consumer good and service has skyrocketed it seems…MTA, please cut us a break!! Must be nice to be the only game in town…


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