lady luck

view from our seats!so, la familia is fans of Gang Green. meaning lotsa heartbreak over the years. And the biggest fan of all, my dad, seeming to be bad luck when seeing a game in person. However, the ladies in my family seem to have better luck. First, my mom was in attendance with my brother (who has season tix) at the game where the Jets scored 56 points.

And I just happened to be in attendance at this past Sunday’s game, where the Jets crushed the Rams, 47-3…which was “a rout that was unlike any other in franchise history.” I got to view the biggest winning margin ever? How awesome was that?? And of course, I wasn’t alone in witnessing that…

me and uptown girl posing for posterity
Yep, fellow blogger Uptown Girl had scored some sweet tix from her boss (awesome seats!) so to Giants Stadium we went on Sunday and had a great time. Oh and apparently, so did this drunk guy. Yeah, couldn’t resist nabbing a picture of that…hehe. I figured I’d do you all a favor and just link to it instead of posting the picture. You’re welcome 😛
So I’ve actually been back on track, running-wise (no pun intended.) Have been doing an easy run every other day and have felt fine…I think I’ll stay away from any hard stuff for at least another week or 2. But I am kinda feeling “now what?” Like a little bit of a let-down feeling. It’s crazy, I don’t want to do anything hard right now, yet I feel I need a goal or something right now-an actual race goal, not a “keep running so you don’t get fat during the holiday season” goal 🙂 Short races in December? I do want to be smart with regards to recovery though…

2 thoughts on “lady luck

  1. Great pic of you at the Jets game!

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