recovery redux

Yep, the same familiar feeling as in 2006. Quads hate me on Monday and part of Tuesday. I couldn’t deal with subway stairs on Monday without hanging onto the handrail for dear life. I walked around quite a bit on Tuesday and I think that did help a little. I actually felt fine enough to run 2 miles on the treadmill yesterday-at around 9:30ish pace-but still, much earlier than I attempted running back in 2006 🙂 So it’s looking good so far for easing my way back into it 🙂

Time to sit back and reflect on my race too!! For fun, a little comparison between 2008 and 2006:

Pretty cool that my slowest 5k split this year was only 9 seconds slower than my fastest 5k split in 2006. Still can’t believe I shaved 33 seconds per mile off…2 years ago that would have sounded crazy…

How did I do it this time? Well-I think possibly the biggest component was training with Mr. Garmin-specifically the HRM, as it really helped me keep the easy runs easy and therefore helped build my endurance better-and as mentioned before, i was able to maintain 6 40+ mile weeks (as oppsoed to 3 in 2006) without feeling wiped out. My mileage wasn’t crazy high-but maybe that just works for me. Did make sure for the most part to get in at least one quality day (i.e., speedwork) per week, exception being before and after a hard race effort. And again, I made sure my next run would help me recover properly. Cross-training really seemed to help too!

As for during the race, I think my pacing was fine. The wave starts really, really helped-you’ll notice this time the slowing in 15k and 20k was not dramatic-didn’t have to deal with the bottleneck that I did back in 2006. Near the end-I’ll admit it was a little more crowded-specifically 5th avenue, as the spectators were crowding the running lane, plus I had to slow and dodge people that either stopped in the middle of the road or were walking (not to mention those ahead of me who had no business being in wave 1)…and at the water stations closer to the end I had to slow a little as I usually just “grab and go” whereas a lot were walking through. Had those not happened, I’m positive my time would have been 3:43:xx, but no complaints here 🙂

So-looking ahead. Here is what McMillan says a 3:44:14 marathoner can run for other distances:

A couple that are of note are the 4-mile time and the 10k time…as they are 4 seconds and 9 seconds slower than my current PRs, respectively…meaning there is a possibility they could fall before the end of the year. (keeping in mind both those PRs were set in Central Park.) In December, there’s the Joe Kleinerman 10k on the 7th, and the Holiday 4-miler on the 13th. So I’m debating which one of these-if any-to do…yeah, I know the December races are crowded with those getting in their 9 races, but I am hoping that the corrals help with that this time…

And next year? Well-I finally believe that I am capable of a BQ marathon…a 3:40:59, no need to wait til 35 🙂 The only question is when? Definitely not doing a spring marathon-I prefer to take it a little easier and run shorter during the winter months. Will I do a marathon next fall? I’ll play it by ear and see if I’m motivated or not. But if I do indeed do one, it won’t be NYC…would like to see what I am capable of on a flat course, and therefore leaning towards either Chicago or Philly. I know each has it’s pros and cons…but I have plenty of time to think about it 🙂 (unless Chicago fills up crazy fast again!) And if I don’t do a marathon in 2009…you know what, I’ll get to Boston when I get there. It ain’t going anywhere!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “recovery redux

  1. “And next year? Well-I finally believe that I am capable of a BQ marathon…a 3:40:59…you know what, I’ll get to Boston when I get there. It ain’t going anywhere!!” – thats the spirit!

  2. well it’s a little easier to believe when you are 3 minutes and change away, as opposed to 18 minutes and change away, ya know? 🙂

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