this one’s for you

Less than 24 hours to go til game time, til I take on NYC for the 2nd time. Familiar emotions, emotions I experienced 2 years ago, yet different ones this time around.

Unlike last time, I’m not gonna go through the whole rundown of my training. I’ll just sum it up by saying I was very happy with how it went this year and it was very drama-free. All I gotta do is have trust in it and know it’ll get me to the finish line the way I want it to.

Instead-taking a cue from the Laminator, I’d rather acknowledge those who helped get me here, and those who I’ll be thinking about and those who I’ll be running for.

Well first off, my teammates…for better or for worse, you guys are “my people” and we’ve had lotsa good times these past few months. Can’t wait to celebrate afterwards and look forward to many more good times and, uh, good times 🙂 And looking forward to seeing those of you who aren’t running at the PowerGel station! 🙂

And as I’m sure most have you had guessed by now, I tried doing speedwork outside my team this year…part of the reasoning being the time being more convenient, but also I really needed a change of pace-no pun intended. And wouldn’t you know it, turned out to be a perfect fit, and I think the race times speak for themselves 🙂 And it’s great having a coach who really “gets you” no matter if you’re at the front or the back of the pack and just being very encouraging. So JS-thank you. Can’t wait to have a celebratory drink or 2 afterwards!! 🙂

To the blogging community, my readers and other bloggers-thank you for reading, thanks for your comments, and it’s been great reading about your own individual journeys to your own goal races too!! Keep on writing 🙂

La familia-they’ll be watching from their posts on 1st and 5th Aves…and believe me, the parentals won’t trek into the city on a weekend for just anyone 😛 Can’t wait to see you cheering…love you guys and appreciate your support more than you know.

The rest of my friends…non-Flyer, non-runners, co-workers, etc…whether we chat on a daily basis or just once in awhile, thank you all for your good luck wishes 🙂

And I am dedicating my race to someone special-I have a close relative who’s dealing with an illness right now (I haven’t spoken about it on here because well, I just want to keep it sorta personal) and he’s been a fighter through the entire thing so well…if he can fight to the finish (and thankfully so far he has 🙂 )-so can I 🙂 So whether you like it or not, you’re gonna be with me for 26.2 miles 😉

So everyone that I mentioned above…tomorrow’s race…this one’s for you.

For all of you who will be on the course cheering-look for the gal in the red Flyer top who looks like my picture 🙂 For those further away and interested in my progress-you know the bib number (and it’s OK to post updates in the comments, but I have one favor to ask-if you’re doing any copying/pasting, please no posting my name-thanks!)

Maybe there will be a mobile update tomorrow morning before the race…but if not, that’s all she wrote til I cross that finish line tomorrow at Tavern on the Green!!

Thanks again to all of you for your support-and good luck to all of you in blog-land (or not in blog-land) running tomorrow!!

3 thoughts on “this one’s for you

  1. good luck tomorrow. positive vibes from the mile 14 water stop (where I will be reeking of Gatorade by the end of the day)


  3. Thanks for the shout-out! Really happy to see you just get better and better and better though the season. Thanks for bearing with me!

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