expo chronicles, part 2…and more!

so much for relaxing today!! renovations on my building had to start today meaning lotsa drilling right outside my window. why does this always happen to me? :-p needless to say, relaxing meant leaving my apartment for awhile…which meant back to the expo!!

me with ritz, ryan and brian
That was sorta planned-as I know Ritz, Ryan Hall and Brian Sell would be at the NYRR booth doing a Q & A and signing autographs. They had the Q & A for a little over a half-hour and then signed autographs-didn’t get much of a chance to say anything except that I watched them in the Trials last year while volunteering and found the race very inspiring-but they were nice enough to post for a photo op πŸ™‚

me with terence from the amazing race 13!
All you Amazing Race fans will recognize who is in the picture with me πŸ˜‰ He’s obviously running a different “amazing race” this coming Sunday and wanted to meet the Olympians too!!

Flyers pasta party last nite at annual fave Sambuca!! Food was great and plentiful (and there was some left over-I have dinner for tonite too!! πŸ™‚ And there were actually a couple who came in costume…including one trying to be “Joe the Plumber” :-p funny thing-i think there were as many runners drinking as non-runners (1 glass of red wine was the drink of choice for the marathoners…) and i’m sure you can guess who started it πŸ˜‰

MF, TB, runner26 and me
Flyers MF, TB, Runner26 and me posing at the pasta party. The 2006 NYCM pregaming crew reunited (and discussing plans for this year too!)

and now i’m happily spending Halloween eve carbo-loading, hydrating, and relaxing πŸ™‚
Finally, I wanted to post something that a Flyers ex-president had written in our weekly newsletters-I found it to be one of the best NYCM course descriptions I’ve read and when first reading it 2 years ago, really got me pumped up for the big day!!

For you first timers, have a great time, enjoy the city. It is an absolutely amazing first time experience. When you are on the Bridge for the start – look over to the left if you can – the fireboats will be spraying plumes of red, white and blue water. Look at the skyline of Manhattan – it will bring tears to your eyes. When you get to Brooklyn – look at all those people on 4th Avenue – they are there for you. When you make the right turn at the Williamsburg Bank building (that tall building that has been taunting you for eight miles)and run down that street – listen for a band that plays on the stoop of a building on the right – they will either be playing “Start Me Up” by the Rolling Stones, or “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivior (ok so they’re dating themselves, but who cares!). When you hit the Pulaski Bridge, the gateway to Queens, look left – there is your goal – Manhattan. Try not to look to far in front as you’ll see the dreaded Queensboro Bridge.

Yeah – that bridge. You’ve heard the horror stories. Don’t think about it – think about doing a hill in Central Park – think about starting at the 102nd Street transverse on the westside and running the north end of the park – think about anything but that darn bridge. Once you hit the crest, start listening – not to the sound of your breathing (that’s boring) – listen for a roar that will get louder and louder. When you start heading downhill and around the left hand bend, stay to the right – there are usually official photographers there. Back to the noise – it will hit you like a wall of water – I’m not kidding – you will tear up – this is your city – this is your race – these people are here to see you. Enjoy the next several miles. Don’t get over excited – you’ve still got those last 10 (remember from last Sunday how easy it felt?)

At mile 18 – look for us – look for Powergel – we are your teammates and we will get you that double tangerine or whatever you want. When you leave us, just think, eight more and then I get a bath! Next up is East Harlem – gets a smaller crowd, but still cool. Then it’s that other bridge – Willis Avenue, which if you drive over has potholes that swallow elephants (they put a rug over then for you).

The Bronx – its short and sweet, but they are out there. Back to Manhattan – that little twist and turn onto Upper Fifth Avenue. Past the gospel choirs by Mount Morris Park, to Fifth Avenue. Now you can count down the blocks. Five blocks is a quarter mile, thirty two blocks to home – the Park. It’s a an uphill that didn’t seem so long last Sunday, but its there. The Park – so tantilizing on the right. For you old timers, there’s that turn at 103rd Street (still think they should have kept it?).

Now you’re at 90th Street. The noise comes at you again as you turn in. You know this road – this is really home. How many races have you run here, how many loops? Where’s that pothole, where’s that lamppost. You have your own mental markers here. There’s 72nd Street, the start of the Saturday am run. Wait, now here’s the tease, you are heading out of the park to Central Park South – it becomes the world’s longest 3 avenues. Where are all the horses? Did they get all the manure up? Turn back into the Park, there’s the drive, where’s the finish? There it is – its that darn uphill again – who thought of that cruel trick, but you can sprint it and finish it looking like a true winner.

As you cross the finish – don’t look down and stop your watch right away (one second won’t matter) – put your arms in the air and get that official photo of you crossing – it will make the memory so much more real.

2 thoughts on “expo chronicles, part 2…and more!

  1. Nice pictures, nyflygirl. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were probably just entertaining offers for all those guys to be your personal pacer for tomorrow and just got caught in the act by the papparazzi! Haha!Anyway, weather’s going to be great, so run your heart out tomorrow and have a great race!

  2. ha…all the guys in the pictures have run under 3 hours so i doubt they’d be pacing 8:30-8:45 miles :-pAnd I figured out how to guarantee great weather for a marathon-have me run it…cant believe i’m 2 for 2 so far!! Now just have to have everyone benefit from it πŸ™‚ Have a great race too!! πŸ™‚

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