can someone please end this week?

seriously, if there is any way I can skip over to Saturday night, that would be fabulous. thanks in advance.

i swear, it’s been a quiet year work-wise, why does all hell need to break loose around the most important day of the year for me? trying to wrap up loose ends, making sure all bases are covered since i plan on taking off thursday & friday to de-stress…yet I have been told that i may need to be reachable if a question comes up on a certain project…arrrgghhh… (even though apparently that is an absolute last resort…)

all this damn stress is not good for me right now…not good…and knowing how stress affects my running, i’m seriously afraid that it is gonna affect my performance on sunday…that i’m just gonna have to take it as a “fun run.” we’ll see…

did i also mention that it’s raining like crazy and i left my umbrella at home?


and in other news-is it possible that we may be seeing november baseball once again? though for the sake of certain people (yes, all you Phillies fans πŸ˜‰ ) i hope that is not the case!

4 thoughts on “can someone please end this week?

  1. Breathe, just take a deep breath. I’m feeling the same way you are…so we gotta stay calm. Even if all hell breaks loose at work…you know what, we’ll run the race we’re meant to run.Let’s hope tomorrow will be better…wait, what’s tomorrow…Wednesday?! I thought it was Friday already…damn…

  2. Pardon my lack of experience in this, but the body does tend to protect itself when stress arises, it conserves. I think this accounts for that feeling of not having enough sometimes. The same thing as when you know how far is left in a race you deflate a little, you just want to get it done. Or when you are unsure of the distance, the conservation that goes on. The body will always default to self-preservation.What the body does not know is the total amount of preparation you have done to get to this place in fitness and in time. It assumes a kind of regressive stasis. In truth, regardless of what happens this week, you have reserves and energy far beyond what your body thinks it does. The depth is represented by the total number of miles you have done and the mastery of how you have done it-free of injury, good times, etc.While you may feel beset, consider your feelings from a psychological standpoint, they are called “affects” and very much like weather, they come and go. The “affect” us, but the physical body does exist separately from them.Your “body” is ready. Your job now is to prepare your mind to accept whatever emotions arise. That is real business too, but you can probably process them effectively enough to get to the start line. The body will do the rest. Your body wants to run. You just have to let your mind accept that.:) There is nothing in your way but “you” and that is mental. The stress will have no effect on the body. Right now, the body is unstoppable…good luck!

  3. Totally! I feel like this week has been moving so slow! And everywhere I turn the topic is the marathon! I’m finding it challenging to think about much else. But tomorrow will be fun! I’m excited for that business (eating pasta, ya know). Sat (and Sunday) will be here before you know it! (ps. tomorrow we need to discuss our pre-race plans…)

  4. thanks guys. over it for now-long day, but better day today, and i wrote the most comprehensive project status email i’ve ever written in my life…hopefully that’ll hold things over in the old salt mine… πŸ˜›

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