no kickoff for me

For the first time since I started doing NYRR races, I shied away from the Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff 5-Miler that kicks off “race week.” Either I’ve been a race participant (2004, 2005, 2007) or a spectator (2006, during our “last 10 miles run.”) I had 6 miles on the schedule today, and preliminary plan was to do 3 miles, then meet up with the Flyers with 3 miles to go of their last 10 miles run, so I could also cheer on the runners. However, I decided sleep was much more important…so staying in bed and watching 90210 reruns seemed a lot more appealing 🙂

I’ll do it later, I thought. And indeed I did, around 3 pm, the full Central Park loop. And apparently I didn’t need to attend this morning’s ridiculously crowded race (6500 finishers???) to get a taste of the marathon mania, there were signs all around. In addition to the bleachers that I also saw on Thursday nite, I also saw the orange medal stands, currently empty, soon to be filled with a helluva lot of medals. The marathon route banners all over the park! My 6-miler was a little quicker than I would have liked for one week out, but once again, my heart rate was in the easy zone the entire time, so maybe the tapering is working…

So my mission for this week-just remain stress-free. Which means just getting through to the end of business on Wednesday. The rest is a cakewalk. Carbo-loading, hydrating, a little running, pasta-party going, expo-visiting (which means lotsa money-dropping), sleeping, dreaming…dreaming of a certain marathon time? Perhaps…


4 thoughts on “no kickoff for me

  1. I’m getting more excited!! I can’t wait to see the bleachers! And for the pasta party! And the expo! It’s all good!!

  2. and plus we need to talk about staten island pre-gaming 😉

  3. Hi Stranger – Long time since I popped by – Just want to get in early in the week to wish you all the best for the Race at the weekend – Keep an eye out for the NYT build up, you might even see me mentioned! Have a great one – Liam

  4. enjoy the fun and excitement this week has to offer!

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