single digits

nope, not the temperature-but the countdown til game day…9 days. 9 days til it’s me against the marathon, me against the city, me against me.

And I saw the finish line bleachers being put up during my run last nite…very cool!! Last nite was supposed to be my last “medium-long” run til race day…planned 8 miles, was so tired during the day yesterday that I was tempted to cut it down to 6…split the difference and did 7-it’s my taper, I can do whatever I want. 😛 And for fun, threw in 4 half-mile pickups/half-mile easy…the pickups being 4:02, 3:45, 4:07, 4:03-that last one included the uphill by Tavern! And the average heart rate for all 4 of those were still in the easy zone-pretty cool!! (I don’t know what was up with the 3:45-I’m assuming signal malfunction because I definitely didn’t feel like I was running 7:30 pace!) From now til the end, nothing but short, easy stuff…the hard stuff is done!!

And I didn’t last long being on the wagon this week, shocker of shockers…after having the afternoon from hell at work on Wednesday, I downed 2 glasses of red wine at the Flyers meeting that evening. You know what-I didn’t go on the wagon before Broad Street or the Philly Distance Run (and I even had a glass of merlot the night before!)…didn’t seem to hurt my performance now…did it? So yeah-everything in moderation. Still swearing by no appletinis or the like…(those things are pure evil!)

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