welcome to my taper madness world

gotta keep checking accuweather, the 15-day forecast is out…ok, yesterday it said cold with snow and rain for 11/2…now today no more snow, but warmer and rain…how many more times is it going to change?

freaking out about my start. are the monkeys really gonna police the corrals, or are all those assigned the green start gonna try and crowd the orange and blue starts? am i going to have to get to my corral mad early?

carbo-loading time…yay! but i’m running less now thanks to the taper…gawd, hope i don’t get fat in the next 2 weeks!!

powergel…need more powergel for the big day. why is it nowhere seems to have the plain energy flavor?

4 miles last nite…legs felt fine, but still pretty slow. how am i gonna keep a faster pace during the marathon?

sooo tired last nite…plan was to go home, run, eat, watch “the hills” and then crash…couldn’t even stay awake for the hills. pathetic. thank god for dvr…

flyers happy hour on friday. dammit, i don’t think i can go, i’m on the wagon til the big day…

oh god, everyone in the office is getting sick. i need to wear a surgical mask at the office or something. i’m already drinking emergen-c like it’s water…just need to make it through next wednesday…

And there you have it. Everyone, be glad you are not me right now. These next 12 days cannot go by fast enough…


5 thoughts on “welcome to my taper madness world

  1. nice 2007 SF half marathon shirt last nite 😉 flygirl was on a mission!

  2. haha…where did u see me? i didnt think i was that focused and intense… 🙂

  3. LOL. At least know you’re not alone. I’m also chugging Emergen-C and not chugging alcohol. Wondering when I’ll start to feel rested. I unfortunately landed in a green start (Wave 2), but am considering dropping back to Wave 3 to run with friends (and avoid getting peed on). Hang in there…

  4. I think someone needs to come up with a day-by-day “How To” guide on dealing with the taper. Just telling me to taper ain’t good enough…I need exact instructions on what is a good day to start freaking about various things…You’re right. These two weeks are going to take forever to get through.

  5. I think it’s good you felt slow on the four miler. You’re recovering from all the training. I’d take that as a good sign. I hear you on the freaking out bit. I am doing the same–perhaps for different reasons.The corral thing makes everyone nervous. I don’t like it. Not one big.

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