1st ave has grown some hills

the last 10!and today was the final dress rehearsal for the big day!! the “last 10 miler” with the Flyers (and some very cool non-Flyer pals too-JS, PM and DN πŸ™‚ ) Unlike 2 years ago when we had it the week before the marathon, I was preferring to run it 2 weeks before, as it was advised that running it the week before is not the best way to get a best performance on the big day. And apparently quite a few agreed with me-so Flyers assistant Coach J was nice enough to organize the “lite” version of the Last 10 Miler-meaning no baggage car, no water stop-or as I called it, “the badass version” πŸ™‚ (Seriously-I did an 18-miler through 3 boroughs without needing a baggage car and a water stop!)

So anyway, this morning getting up thankfully wasn’t too painful after not getting home til 1 am last nite after a post-Chicago Marathon celebration party (and I was good-cut myself off at 2 glasses of wine!! That’s it til after the marathon!) Did decide to cab it to 59th and 1st, as public transportation to that corner was not kind to the UWS’ers. I met everyone under the 59th Street Bridge, ready to go…

And off we went. Even though I intended to take it easy, our first mile was a little fast-probably due to the 8-8:30 types pulling us along, so we just had to let those guys go. Much better!! Was fun re-living 1st avenue from 2 years ago…though there was something that I forgot. I must have been high on something during the marathon-cuz dear god, I did not remember 1st Ave being that hilly (and that included the Willis Ave Bridge!!)

I think some of us forgot how to maneuver the Bronx, thank god Coach J was there after we stepped down from the Willis Ave Bridge to re-iterate the directions. Once we had that, it was easy to get from there to the Madison Ave Bridge (yay for Yankee Stadium view)…then 5th…then just a countdown to the park…then the last 2.2 miles of the route!! And me and a coupla others felt good enough to pick it up to 8:30ish for the last mile. As we entered the park, I was trying to “coach” my Flyer friend DM a little bit…“come on, you’re chasing down 4 hours!! you’ve got it-just get up that hill!” πŸ™‚ And finally, we saw Coach J, acting as the “finish line” :-p We waited for the last 2 runners to get in, then went home (I think everyone just wanted to get out of the cold-it was perfect running weather, but not perfect weather to be standing around in wet clothes!)

So, averaged 9-flat pace for this run and felt pretty good-my legs didnt really like all the stopping and starting, but then again that will not be happening on marathon day πŸ™‚ But was sooo glad to have had this refresher course, otherwise 1st Avenue may have taken me by surprise on race day-just in case whatever got slipped into my Gatorade 2 years ago doesnt get slipped in there again :-p

2 weeks!! I can’t believe it…of course that means the 15-day forecast is up…predicting rain for now 😦 but I’m not putting too much confidence in that, I know how often it will change…

And in non-marathon/running news, Shake Shack has finally opened on the UWS!! This could be dangerous…must…resist….til after the marathon…


2 thoughts on “1st ave has grown some hills

  1. I need to QUIT reading your blog leading up to NYC. It just makes me ALL kinds of nervous…:o)

  2. Nice run nyflygirl. Looks like you’re ready for the 3:43:52 that I’m predicting for you. The ten-mile run sounds fun. I might do it next weekend if my foot/ankle cooperates.

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