finally, i get my blue bib!!

yeah, i know in the past i’ve mentioned wanting a coveted blue bib for a NYRR race…meaning i’d be in the first corral (and joking that i’d even frame it too…LOL)

Well, I will be getting a blue bib, but of a different kind…

Bib numbers for NYCM are up (well only if you log into your profile)…and what did it mean for me??

2nd corral of the blue start!! (in wave 2)

And honestly, I couldn’t ask for a better starting position. Top level of the bridge, close to the front but not too close that I’d be tempted to go out too fast. Now all I need is for the monkeys to actually police the corrals this year…

(and oh yeah-I’m sure there will be lots in wave 1 that shouldn’t be there…and I’ll have fun passing them. hehe :-p )

the countdown is now in the teens…19 days!! just a few more days til the weather obsessions start…


4 thoughts on “finally, i get my blue bib!!

  1. ARGH! When I log in to runner profile it takes me to the sign up page!!! I cant see any information for some reason. Sent email.I did look on the entrant database and it said 10:20 start and something about Wave 3 I think…whatever THAT means!! :o)

  2. This is what it says in the entrants database for me…You have been assigned to Wave Start 1 at 9:40 a.m.Your bib number is 8141So what color is my bib? I’d ask jud how I should run this, but it isn’t a 100 meter dash.Your experience and training will afford a very fast race(if you want it ot). If it weren’t such a crowded race, you have the ability to run 3:30-3:35

  3. Neither one of us is environmentally friendly 😉

  4. tiny frog-that’s your start time (they’re dividing everyone into 3 wave starts this year to help with the crowding)e-if you look hard enough its not hard to figure out…hehe.runner26-i don’t think anyone will be environmentally friendly that day in many ways 😉

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