a win-win situation

today's 20-milerHooray for my only 20-miler of this training cycle that did not consist of multiple loops of Central Park!! 🙂

Early this AM, the Flyers teamed up with Urban Athletics for a bridgey 20-mile run. 3 bridges, 3 boroughs. Nice little setup, complete with pace groups and water stations. And guess who led the 9:30 group…surprise, surprise, yours truly. But the added bonus was that the group leaders would be rewarded with either free shoes or a gift certificate. Let’s see…supported 20-mile run outside the park, I get to control the pace *and* I get free stuff. I would have done it even if there was no incentive (really!) but this truly was a win-win situation for me!!

So, this was the final dress rehearsal in a way. Got to try out marathon-day attire (no wardrobe malfunctions this time!! yay!!), broke in the shoes that I will be wearing on marathon day and got to run on part of the course-the Pulaski and Queensboro Bridges. We had a really good group going…around 8-10 of us stuck together and chatted, all taking it easy and having fun. We weren’t total sticklers about the pace-especially since all the Garmins in our group would freak out downtown and on the bridges. When we hit Manhattan after coming off the bridge, part of the 10 minute group caught up with us so everyone got a little scattered. We hit Central Park at the spot that we exit it on marathon day…so you can say we were running part of that last coupla miles in reverse…and all I could think was “I will be so glad to be doing this downhill on marathon day!!” Finally, made it to the start/finish point (the uptown UA store)…tired, but glad to be done!! The usual hi-fives and “good jobs!” and chitchat (not to mention me checking my Treo as soon as I retrieved my bag to see how the Chicago runners were doing!) and it was time to head west and head home.

And boy oh boy…I am soooo glad to be starting my taper!! NYCM…bring it on!!!


6 thoughts on “a win-win situation

  1. i am so happy to be in taper mode too!! at least today i am. i am certain i will start freaking as the days go by…my marathon shoes are now broken in too..about 50 miles on them; not sure if i should put any more on them or not…as far as clothes i have NO clue till i have some idea of what the weather will be while i am there…im a bit nervous as i havent received my confirmation card yet; although i did get my official handbook which just all kinds of confused me…

  2. don’t worry-the confirmation cards haven’t been sent out yet…so none of us have em 🙂 hopefully this week!! dying to know my bib # and start color…

  3. Don’t you mean “Win-Win-WIN” situation?? (as in the Office :))Today was fun. I’m tired though. Going to drink some fall beers on the roof now with a certain litigator who is home from work now 😉

  4. The hard work is now done – stay healthy and enjoy the taper. I’ll be watching the big day from the PowerGel Station at mile 18.

  5. R26-i really need to start watching the office 🙂 hope the beers were yummy :)jb24-thanks!! save a Plain Energy PowerGel for me 🙂

  6. thanks for the response! NOW i feel better!!!now i just have to stress about making my way there and finding exactly where i am supposed to be! that book is SOOOOOO confusing…

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