waiting…and waiting…

yeah, i figured i had a few miles to get in today, perfect time would be while my super is working on something in my apartment, so i didn’t have to be there 🙂 only thing is, instead of the original 10-10:30ish, he wasn’t gonna make it til the afternoon…so it was a waiting game for me. all good-got to sleep later, lounge around and watch old 90210 episodes, catch up on a coupla things…

plus, once i did leave, I ran into a coupla Flyers on the way to the park, so chatted and caught up a bit…before hitting the bridle path for 5.5 miles…beautiful day!! (and spent a good part of my run going over my possible marathon strategy in my head…)

Just a bridgey 20 miles tomorrow morning lie between me and the taper now…and strangely enough, i’m actually looking forward to it-the taper and the 20-miler 🙂

And a few shout-outs…congrats to Crazy Bandanahead on another great marathon in Hartford, congrats to Laura who also ran Hartford…and good luck to Uptown Girl and everyone else who is taking on Chi-Town tomorrow!! Can’t wait to read all the reports 🙂


2 thoughts on “waiting…and waiting…

  1. i hope your 20 miler went swimmingly!! TAPER ON!!!!

  2. Can you elaborate the details of your typical pre and post race diet? Thanks!

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