training stops for no one

well, I guess it was a good thing that Yom Kippur didn’t fall on a weekend right before a long run this year!! Wouldn’t have wanted a repeat of last year’s Queens Half πŸ™‚ But still, this being my heaviest mileage week, 2 days off just was not on the agenda.

So compromise-today is a complete rest day as long as I can get something in yesterday and tomorrow…so far so good. Had left work early, so luckily I was able to fit in 6 miles with enough time for a last meal before sundown. And tomorrow, just a short run…3 miles at the most, should be doable πŸ™‚

As for today? Honestly, I didn’t feel the lack of food as much as the lack of caffeine. (sleeping til about noon helped with that…) I honestly wasn’t that hungry, but had the worst headache all day and knew immediately what it was. Sundown could not come fast enough, I went right for the coffee. between that and a coupla Advil, headache was gone. Though don’t worry-I did remember to eat too :)-broke the fast with challah french toast from EJ’s-good but not as good as my mom’s. But just wanted to break the fast with something sorta traditional, since i wasn’t gonna be trekking out to NJ. til next year…


2 thoughts on “training stops for no one

  1. EJ’s the one on Amsterdam in the 80s? I’ve been meaning to try that, but Popover Cafe is a perennial favorite and I’m always afraid to try something new in case I don’t like it as much πŸ™‚

  2. indeed it is!! normally i prefer the multigrain pancakes, but I felt something with challah was more appropriate for the occasion πŸ™‚

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