46 miles lie between…

…me and taper time!! Don’t get me wrong, the work won’t be completely done, but at least it can ease up a little bit…

today was a recovery 4.8 miles on the bridle path…or that was what was planned, as I averaged closer to 9-minute pace than 9:30s. Yeah, don’t understand it either, I thought my legs would have been dead after yesterday. And especially after the fact that in the 7-day period betwen last Sunday and yesterday, I ran 58 miles. How the heck did that happen? Or actually…when did that happen? (Guess I need to thank the wonders of scheduling that made last week’s long run on Sunday and this week’s on Saturday.) So yeah, gotta be super-careful this week, want to make it through this heaviest mileage week, including my last 20-miler, unscathed…

Decided to play around with a new playlist website…below is the playlist that I listened to during the half-marathon yesterday. All the songs may not be your type but hey, they worked for me 🙂


One thought on “46 miles lie between…

  1. What a cool website! I want to start using that to make playlists on my blog too.

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