some things never change

ya know, i haven’t had a jdate post in awhile…

so I have this picture on my profile. and yesterday, I was a recipient of a one-sentence email which said:

“what’s a nice jewish girl doing on santa’s lap? :)”

not even worth the effort to reply and say that said santa is actually jewish.

and while i am at it, why is it the only guys who either view my profile or contact me are either under 30, or in their late 40s or older, and/or do not live in the NYC area?

I swear, what part of “i am looking for a guy between x age and y age?” and “i am not willing to relocate” do these people NOT understand???

I viewed a guy’s profile yesterday that started with “OK – I put the age requirement in – but either it is disregarded or unread, so putting it as the first line in my profile.” Maybe he’s got the right idea…

man, i hate dating.


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