a different playground

With one and a half weeks to go til the taper, I’m just using speedwork as an excuse to make things interesting…break up the monotony of miles and miles and loop after loop. Yep-I’m at *that* point in my training. Where I actually look forward to the long runs, and the greater challenge is fitting in the weekday mileage (especially with the jewish holidays throwing a wrench in the works!) Anyway, getting off the subject…

so yeah, speedwork. the workout was intended to have MP work in there, which was honestly perfect for me. I did a few miles beforehand to frontload (as I had 8 on the schedule)…then the workout location was changed from the rez, due to the rain possibly turning a reservoir workout into a game of “dodge the puddles.” So to Riverside Park we went, and found a nice flat stretch to do repeats on. I am always glad to discover any new running venue (or “playground”…hehe), especially on the UWS, especially one that is flat!! Anyway, here is how the workout went for me…

A little bit all over the place, but still felt good, didn’t feel like I was pushing hard at all. Which was encouraging, considering that I had almost 5 miles on my legs before starting the hard stuff, and especially since 2 days earlier, I could barely force my legs to do anything faster than 10 minute miles. Looking forward to seeing what the taper will do 🙂

Long run this weekend? Grete’s Great Gallop, with 2 warm-up miles beforehand to make a cool 15. Not racing it-just using it as a training run…will have the iPod with me and everything :-p Now the real question-will the weather cooperate? If you remember, 2 years ago was a washout, last year was ridiculously hot…was the same weekend as Chicago (I didn’t run Grete’s last year, but I heard stories from those who did run who said the conditions were ridiculous-some even called it a day after the first loop!) So far the weather report looks good…

And this just in-the wave assignments for NYC are up…I’m in wave 2. I figured I’d either be at the back of wave 1 or the front of wave 2. Definitely pros (cleaner start) and cons (might go out too fast) to that…


3 thoughts on “a different playground

  1. Hmmm…just checked. Wave 1 here. Don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing. Means I have to at least start my day a bit earlier, I guess.

  2. Yay for Grete’s!! And there’s no rain in the forecast (remember that!) I’ve got the same plan–two miles prior to an easy half. Will also be using the ‘pod. See you tomorrow!

  3. Thanks for the hot tip on the NYCM wave starts! I’m planning to run Grete’s as a training run as well. See you there!

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