it’s a marathon, not a sprint

So I am writing this post on my treo while on the lirr train…aint technology grand 🙂 gonna see la familia for rosh hashanah (l'shanah tovah to all of you who celebrate!

of course the holiday messes with the training…i would have loved to take today off and run tomorrow, but instead it was the opposite. And it was a slog…boy were my legs tired. But its done. And I can look forward to a rest day tomorrow.

So the title actually has to do more with my birthday…as that was the phrase I used when describing how I needed to pace myself…this was the series of events:

1-3 pm: lunch w/ coworkers at tortilla flats, where strawberry margaritas were consumed
3-5 pm: pretend to work
5 pm-go over to the lounge where I was having my party, only to be told they weren't open yet. That's how i'll remember my 32nd…getting kicked out of a bar for doing nothing wrong! 🙂
5:15-6:30 pm-kill time in the dive bar across the street with a vodka tonic and a kamikaze shot.
6:30 pm-????-back across the street for the real fiesta. Martinis and socializing-oh yeah. Good times. And thankfully made it home ok and slept it all off the next day 🙂

man…i'm tired just reading all of that! 🙂

2 thoughts on “it’s a marathon, not a sprint

  1. I hope you’re enjoying your rest day!!

  2. thanks…i definitely did! 🙂

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