sweet sixteen, times two

Yesterday I saw the “F32” on the bib I picked up for Sunday’s run. Today, well, it’s official.

And the funny thing this morning? I woke up exactly a minute after my real b-day time 🙂 and I had fallen asleep with MTV on the TV…and what was on when I woke up? “My Super Sweet 16.” I couldn’t help but laugh, how appropriate!!

And as I have said elsewhere…today will definitely be a wasted day in terms of being productive. No pun intended. 🙂


5 thoughts on “sweet sixteen, times two

  1. Happy Birthday!!! Make sure your friends buy you lots of drinks!

  2. thanks!and oh…its already begun!!

  3. Happy birthday! Hope you’re out having fun 🙂

  4. hey! Sorry i didn’t make it to your sweet 16×2…i got out of work late and got a ride home so i didn’t have the energy to make it out. Next social event…drink is on me! At least you got my funny e-card no?

  5. laura-ohhh yeah. the drinking started at 1 pm that day :)laminator-yep i got it…and thanks!! 🙂

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