all dressed up and nowhere to go

that would be tonight! original plan was to go with a coworker of mine to a magazine launch party (we were invited by one of our clients)…showing up fashionably late backfired for us!! first off there was a crazy line…then as soon as we got close to the front, we were told that the party was “at capacity” and that they wouldn’t let anyone else in…unreal!! (but for whatever reason, it didn’t surprise me…) so glad i sprang for a cab and sat in 6th ave traffic for this!! not to mention dressed up looking nice…and there being no one to look nice for!!

but honestly, not all that bad…i was tired and it was nice to have an evening where i didn’t have to either work out or socialize…i can’t remember the last time that was. besides, the end of the week shall be exciting!! 🙂

So 2 days after the half-marathon, and surprisingly, not as sore as I thought I would be. Was definitely hurting more after Broad Street. Still gonna keep the intensity easy this week…no need to chance it, gotta keep November 2nd in mind. Did 2 recovery miles at around a 9:45 pace on the treadmill yesterday to shake the legs out so to speak…followed by an hour of yoga which my body greatly appreciated…needed some good stretching and relaxing.

Some other random thoughts…

  • I was reading this article on LetsRun today, and found it very interesting. Especially the “Faster Doesn’t Equal Better” section. Even though this was from 2 years ago, its like they were reading my mind 🙂
  • OK, one of my recent pet peeves is those who say “the race course was long because my Garmin said it was!” And I’ve read quite a few of those about Sunday’s race. Yes, my Garmin said 13.52 miles. Am I freaking out about that? No. It’s always going to be a little longer because we’re not always running the “shortest distance” that a course is certified by, aand in addition to that-the signal was screwy in the first 4 miles. If a mile marker is clearly out of place (as was mile 5), that’s a different story. This is the reason why I don’t use the distance field and I turn off the auto-lap in races…I basically treat it like a normal watch, anything else would be too distracting. Besides-I was better off running “by feel” and going for the 7:50s instead of “pacing” 8-minute miles.
  • My 10K split in the half was actually my 2nd best 10K ever!! Obviously I need to run more 10ks…or actually be in shape for one!! Or not have the weather be like an inferno. Or find one eithout Harlem Hill!!
  • An amusing moment in Philly: I was buying water and Gatorade and the guy in front of me in line asked “are you running tomorrow?” What gave it away…was it the water or the Gatorade? Well just the fact that he was buying the same exact thing!!
  • Oh yeah…I did say this previously: “As for the Philly Distance Run…I’m gonna kinda sorta use that as my predictor…Whatever time I wind up with if I’m able to race it all-out, I will add 10 minutes to whatever the McMillan calculator predicts…figure that’s the safest bet.” Ummm…which would mean 3:45:49. That’s crazy!! Funny…8:45s sound safe and doable, while 8:30s sound scary…what a difference 15 seconds makes. But as a friend said to me: “If someone told you back in March that you’d be running 7:49 for 13.1 miles, you’d be scared, too!” (in March, I had run a 4-mile race at 7:51 pace…my first race after my calf injury.) Who knows what is going to happen on November 2nd!!

8 thoughts on “all dressed up and nowhere to go

  1. You can say my name. Go ahead, say it. :p

  2. Are you going to run a poll/contest for us to predict your NYCM time as well? If you do, I got first dibs on 3:44-3:46. Put it in the books =)

  3. By the way, I have had two separate conversations about you in the past week or two where girls have mentioned you look “hotter” lately. Seriously! Maybe a payoff from all that training…?

  4. I’ve noticed my Garmin will give me extra distance in a race (especially longer races), and so have several other racers/bloggers. The consensus is that, during a longer and crowded race, you are indeed running a greater distance b/c you are not racing the shortest distance. And, don’t be afraid of the fact that you are faster than you believe you are.

  5. coach j-ok i will, coach j :-Plaminator-yes, there will be another poll to come… :)derek-good to know. now when will the guys follow suit? :-pbig-yeah, i’ve noticed the same…even in a 10K thats a loop of central park, it’ll say 6.3 miles. i’m honestly not concerned about it…

  6. Didn’t you get picked up by a 24-year-old the other day?? :-p

  7. let me rephrase myself-guys that were born in the 1970’s :-p

  8. Post this pic, you look so great.

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