yeah seriously. I’ve been restless all week. (Especially today, with everyone else in my group either on vacay, out sick or working from home!) Just wanting the weekend, especially Sunday, to hurry up and get here. And this is all just for a half-marathon!! I’m gonna be impossible to deal with (not to mention unproductive) when the actual marathon rolls around.

So yeah, I think I’m ready to bring it on Sunday. Did my last run this morning-an easy 2 loops of the reservoir-and was quite happy that it was long-sleeve weather…yay for fall. And the forecast for Sunday looks awesome too (of course now that I said it, I just jinxed it.)

So all I have to do is pray that NJ Transit doesn’t do its NJ Transit thing and I get to Philly without much drama πŸ™‚ The race plan? Well first off, I am definitely gonna need a good warmup of at least 1 mile-I’ve noticed in all my training runs lately, the first mile has been the slowest by at least 10 seconds, meaning it takes a little time for my legs to loosen up, especially in the morning. When the starting horn sounds…I just plan to adapt the same race strategy I used for Broad Street…hold back a little in the first mile, pace for miles 2-9, race the remainder. Hey if it ain’t broke… πŸ™‚ Let’s see how that plays out!! (an early birthday present for me, perhaps?)


3 thoughts on “restless

  1. Good luck and have fun in Philly!

  2. Best of luck!! (If it helps, think of the wining that will (most likely) take place after…)

  3. oh there was wining last nite ;-)(only 1 glass though!)

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