heart rate weirdness

So I’m looking at the data from this morning’s easy 5-mile loop and noticed something quite odd…do you spot it too?

Yeah-I thought you spotted it-how the hell did my HR spike up to 179 in my slowest mile? Especially since that’s a number I’d only see in speedwork or races. Oh but wait, it gets weirder…

I was apparently going downhill (that long downhill in the west 80s) when that happened? When I probably should have been working less?

Damn…don’t tell me after only 4 months, the battery needs to be changed already…

So yeah, prolly the only eventful thing to report in what is a week full of uneventful runs. πŸ™‚ Nothing but easy mileage this week, give my legs a little breather so they can be put to the test on Sunday. So far weather looks awesome…can’t wait for it to be race day already!! πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “heart rate weirdness

  1. Could’ve been some interference. It happens, even with the coded transmitters.

  2. Agreed – don’t put too much stock in anything satellite-based… especially if you happen to be running in Central Park. Tons of interference. I find Garmin and other pace/distance/HR trackers to offer some incredibly helpful info, but also a few blips that would sound alarm bells if accurate. Nothing to worry about – from reading your training reports, sounds like everything is coming along great!

  3. Thanks guys-I’m definitely not worried, I just thought it was crazy and somewhat amusing (wonder who’s heartrate it picked up…hehe)

  4. Do you wet the back of the strap first. Water conducts the electrical impulses better than air. It’s not unusual for the reading to be off until you start sweating behind the strap.

  5. Come to think of it, that may be it (especially since it’s gotten cooler out)…

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