follow the light

Another month, another return to East 6th Street for another tracky workout. The nite’s mission, should I choose to accept it? 4 x 1200m. And honestly-it sounds worse than it really was…cuz I was supposed to do the first 800m at tempoish pace (shoot for 1:55 per lap) and then the last 400m at 5kish pace (shoot for 1:47) I like that approach of mentally breaking up the repeats…makes the workout seem to go by so much faster. And I think I did quite well 🙂

Another good “i nailed it” workout…one slow split (the 2:01…maybe I didn’t recover enough from the first set?) but I’ll take it (though a little annoyed at one woman who was walking in lane 1 with headphones on…track etiquette!)…and was great to have a good finishing kick for the last 400m!! Definitely earned the burger and Blue Moons afterwards!! (accompanied with some good chatter, especially about dating. I guess you had to be there 🙂 )

So one more “hard” day to go…Saturday’s 20-miler…where I will be using my pacing skills to the fullest extent once again (and the dynamic duo from the last LTR will be back in action with the 9:30 group 🙂 ) Then nothing but easy miles til the half. Just praying the weather will cooperate…

And the meaning of this post title? Well it was a dark night…was dark when we started the workout!! Yet 2 familiar beams of light were visible from the track…

the towers of light

I still remember.

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