remember when?

Came across this in an article…this little tidbit about the summer of 1998…

Remember what it was like? Cell phones were just becoming everyday accessories. E-mail wasn’t the primary mode of communication. Texting barely existed. Newspapers were the main source of sports knowledge. The water cooler wasn’t just a metaphor. It was where people gathered in the morning to giddily ask: See what McGwire and Sosa did last night?

Good god-has it really been 10 years?? Have I really been out of college and in the working world for 10 years??

And how did I ever survive without my cell phones, emails and text messages?


6 thoughts on “remember when?

  1. Funny thing is I think people were more likely to be on time without a cell phone! Think about it: No excuses, you HAVE to be there.

  2. I was having a similar discussion with a friend over the weekend.Ten years ago, we all were less stressed because back then, you could only make ONE plan with ONE friend and you were forced to be on time because you had no way of contacting them to change things.I’ve come to accept that every new technology that promises to make life easier actually makes it harder for all of us. Sigh!

  3. I have NO IDEA how I ever managed to meet up with people without a cell phone, particularly in crowded public places. I’m queen of the “I’m wearing a pink shirt and am next to the big pole to the left of the intersection.”

  4. uptown girl-true! but what to do when NJ Transit does its NJ Transit thing and I can’t let my boss know why I’ll be in late? :)laminator-wouldn’t say it makes life harder…just seems to make multitasking be the accepted thing. or-unfortunately being *too* reachable.laura-me neither!! though somehow i can still accomplish that now without always needing the cell phone… 🙂

  5. yeah…the sign of the times. i had my first cellie when i was 20. Nowadays people pop their cellie-cherries by 10, sidekicks by 11 and blackberries/iphones by 12.

  6. i remember when beepers/pagers were the cool thing! (i never had one) now they’re practically obsolete (unless someone needs it for work-related purposes)

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