urban cabin fever

This must have been what everyone in the NYC area had after dealing with yesterday’s tropical storm…

Today was a picture perfect, blue sky, can’t-tell-there-was-ever-a-tropical-storm day (a little on the humid and warm side though)…loads better than yesterday, was glad I decided to wait til today to do my 13 mile long run. I decided to hit the West Side Highway path, figuring the park would be mobbed (plus I will be doing more than my share of park loops next weekend!)…

OMG, this was just as mobbed, if not more. Especially with bikers and dogs. (and Flyers too-hi jb) I felt pretty good during the run, kept around a 9 minute pace, but not without several near collisions. Guess everyone needed to get outside today!! Can’t fault em for that…but I can fault them if they don’t watch where they are going on their bikes (or watch where their kids are going) and/or pay attention to their dogs!!

Now it’s time to see what idiotic thing Britney is gonna do at this year’s VMAs


2 thoughts on “urban cabin fever

  1. why didn’t i see you on the west side highway????

  2. cuz i was out much later than you were…i was happily sleeping while you were running 🙂

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