believing the weatherman

Well honestly…today’s 4-miler wasn’t ever really on my radar. Yeah, I know, it’s a points race, gotta support the team, la la la….but being in serious training mode, and an “A” race coming up in 2 weeks…this race was really kind of unnecessary for me to do. So the original plan was to do what I did with the 4-miler back in July…I had a few miles to get in, so just run in the other direction and cheer, support the team…

But yeah, according to the weatherman, some chick named Hanna was gonna make Saturday morning-and the rest of the day-a sloppy rainy mess. Hell, even NYRR was putting weather alerts on their website, making everyone paranoid that they were gonna turn this into yet another “fun run.” 🙂 I made the executive decision to just get my few miles in last nite and just meet up with my fellow captains afterwards, as we were supposed to meet…

…and yet, it was not raining at all this morning-just deathly humid. oops. And believe me, I got my share of teasing from my co-captains…yeah, i know…we want others to do the races and i don’t even set an example and show up. why does being part of a team have to be so complicated…


4 thoughts on “believing the weatherman

  1. Awesome run today with FItness magazine. the mag looks great actually. I picked up the october issue and it has tons of running plans in it plus great workouts.

  2. Captain’s rules aside, your decision was not negated by the lack of rain. I guarantee that any runner out there would have welcomed a downpour over the heat and humidity that we were running in.That said, any race without the FlyGirl is not a complete race. What’s the “A” race in 2 weeks? The 5th Ave Mile? The Fred Lebow 5k? Inquiring minds want to know!

  3. Who teased you? No one teased me and I was a no-show too. And honestly, I’ve done a bazillion nyrr races with nary a Flyer fan on the side lines (mostly b/c they were running the race). So I wouldn’t stress too much about it.

  4. johnny-tsk, tsk, tsk you have not been paying attention to my blog posts 🙂 it’s not a NYRR race-how’s that? :)runner26-i guess i got razzed since i had called the meeting 🙂 and it wasnt any of the female captains who teased me…i’m sure you can guess who it was 🙂

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