it’s getting darker…

Even though summer weather seems to be revisiting us this week, the absent daylight in the early mornings and in the evenings are definitely reminding us that those long, leisurely days are coming to an end til next year…

…which was evident last night, as the speed workout didn’t start til around 7:45-8. By then, Mr. Garmin’s backlight was definitely necessary. Anyways, another MP/tempo workout…shooting for approximately 8:45 for the MP miles and 8:00 for the tempo miles. And oh yeah-this was all continuous-no recoveries. Here’s what the numbers say…

Miles 1-3 were great pacing as usual….mile 4, not so much. I think I was trying to avoid the mistake I made the previous week by running that mile too fast…so i was a little too cautious and tried to make up for it on the 2nd half-mile. So yeah-not my best, but not my worst either.

Was a weird night though…first off, a coupla biker incidents…when I was making the turn onto 72nd in the 1st mile, i nearly ran into an idiot kid on his bike who decided to just stop short in my way, so I had to slow and swerve around him…then on the transverse, we all got yelled at by a biker for “running in the bike lane.” Jeez-share the park, dude. And the lights weren’t on at first on the lower loop of the park…very dark and spooky-thank god there were no collisions or wipe-outs.

And this morning, it was barely light enough to get in my recovery run on the bridle path…another week or 2, and I bet I will not have that luxury. Reservoir loops or the roads for me in the AM!!

And thanks to the latest hurricane/tropical storm/whatever supposedly hitting our area on Saturday…thinking of doing a little rejiggering and getting in my Saturday miles (only 4) tomorrow…if it’s indeed heavy rain on Saturday, I don’t want to chance running in it…too close to the time where my A game needs to be on!!


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