the mid-season report card

As of today, I’m halfway done with NYCM training…9 weeks down, 9 to go!! And since they evaluate during the All-Star break in baseball, makes sense for me to do the same, right? 🙂

So honestly…compared to 2 years ago, this first half of training has been surprisingly drama-free!! 2 good races that basically told me that I was on track. No injuries-thank god. If my only complaint was running in heat and humidity, I’ll take it. Only regret was that I really had to do a lot of runs solo. I’d like companionship if possible, but for the most part, if I tried to run with a group, I’d be struggling to keep up-at the expense of my own training. Kinda sucks, but what are you gonna do.

One thing that I had this time that I didn’t 2 years ago was, of course, Mr. Garmin 🙂 And he has proved to be quite helpful so far…especially his accompanying heart rate monitor. Yes, I think that has really made a positive change to how I train-really has helped me keep easy runs easy, and determine what my correct tempo zone is…and the fact that my hopeful marathon pace falls in the easy zone is encouraging 🙂 But I think the result of that is that the training hasn’t really tired me out yet…I’ve done three 40-mile weeks so far and felt fine. Back in 2006, 40-mile weeks just wiped me out. I have kept up the cross-training twice a week too…so far so good.

So…9 more weeks to go!! Which includes six more weeks of hard work-including three 20-milers (thankfully, none on consecutive weekends this year!), a half-marathon, and lotsa marathon pace work. Unfortunately I am getting to the point in my training where I feel like eating everything in sight…which for me, is not a good thing. I’m really gonna have to try and keep that in check-and the end of September is gonna be tough between the Jewish holidays (read: mom’s good cooking) and my b-day (read: cupcakes in abundance)…if I can get through that unscathed, I will be happy. (though if I could still lose a few pounds between now and 11/2, I wouldn’t cry or anything.)

As for the Philly Distance Run…I’m gonna kinda sorta use that as my predictor-weather permitting (if it’s a hot day, of course I am gonna adjust.) Whatever time I wind up with if I’m able to race it all-out, I will add 10 minutes to whatever the McMillan calculator predicts…figure that’s the safest bet. So to be on track for sub-3:50…that pretty much means running sub-8 pace for the half which I think, in the right conditions I can do. Of course, I’d love to run under 1:43 and get rid of that old half-marathon PR. And my Broad Street time predicts 1:42:55 for a half…so hey, who knows, it may be possible. 🙂 (My highest mileage week for Broad Street was 27 mpw-just for reference sake…)

my tri-boro/tri-bridge long runMarathon pace!! As mentioned before, I will need to make sure 8:45s feel like a cakewalk by November 2nd. I do plan to do some tempo runs that have some MP miles, and try and end some longer runs with some MP miles…I will be doing the 18-mile tune-up and Grete’s Great Gallop as training runs…and use the multiple loops to work on pacing (first slow, next pick it up a little, final loop at MP.) But I am really gonna have to work on keeping things in check for the first loop…no doing 8:50 pace like I did in the Tune-Up in 2006.

So there you have it-I got my work cut out for me for the next 6 weeks…then I can relax a little before the big day!

And I kept up the dress-rehearsing this weekend…my long run was 18-and-change miles that included 3 boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens) and 3 bridges (Williamsburg, Pulaski, Queensboro)…my point was to try and hit the last 2 bridges with mileage on my legs to sorta mimic the marathon. And boy the Queensboro Bridge felt tough this time…legs were definitely tired. Then again, I did do the run in the afternoon…so the heat of the day didn’t exactly help matters 🙂 But still, I hope I do not feel like that on 11/2…

And I wore my new RunningSkirt for this run and it felt pretty good…I don’t think I’ve ever worn a skirt for this long a run before. I am seriously considering wearing a skirt in the marathon…we shall see 🙂


4 thoughts on “the mid-season report card

  1. Great idea for an eighteen miler! Your training is rockin! What are you running this weekend? (ie how many?) I need to know just how far behind I am 😉

  2. Do you remember when we did the Brooklyn and Queens part of that run? ;)Thanks-now it’s just a matter of me not doing anything dumb in the next 9 weeks!! 🙂 Doing 13-14 this weekend…first 20 next week (gulp)

  3. Did the Brooklyn/Queens part end at a bar? If so, then no, I don’t remember 😉 Actually, I really don’t remember. When was that?You will not do anything dumb.I assume the 13-14 will be on Sunday? I am rethinking my long run for this weekend. Probably Sunday is a better day. I can’t wait!

  4. I’m jealous…I wish I feel as good about my training as you do about yours. I just got around to finishing my training plan so it’s more like week 1 of 9 for me…even though others might complain that I never actually “recovered” after San Fran. Lies, I tell you, all lies!

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